Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Holiday Season!

It's finally arrived, well almost, the holiday season in South Africa! Here we are celebrating Christmas in summer, and no better place to be than Cape Town!
I'll be in the Cape from 20 Dec until 3 Jan. Very excited!
Pic here taken from my recent visit to Cape Town for the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project- which was awesome! Smirnoff took care of everything- transport, flights, hotel, meals, drinks - the whole story! *Thanks guys, much appreciated!

Will write more here soon!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Let's Get This Party Jumping

Thanks to Jozi for the inspiration of my blog title: "Let's get this party jumping."
Smirnoff South Africa and their PR agency, Financial Dynamics, have invited me to attend the huge 'Nightlife Exchange Project' this weekend in Cape Town! The only reason I'm going, is because I was also requested by our client to shoot the event ( Very excited! Smirnoff will take care of all the bills - which makes it a great privilege and opportunity to be in Cape Town!

I'm almost finished reading Donald Trump's book "Think Big & Kick Ass" - his books inspire me tremendously. And this one certainly doesn't disappoint. The chapter that I'm reading right now talks about the power of positive thought, and controlling your anger. The trick, according to Trump, is to channel your anger towards tasks that you need to complete. In other words, if you get angry with someone, or something, then avoid the reaction by immediately putting your mind to the task at hand. It's a discipline and takes stamina.

At the moment I'm looking for ways to alleviate my emotional stress levels. And I've discovered that comparing yourself to other people is the worst thing you could do. Instead, be inspired by others' success and learn from that, without trying to be like them.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hold on

When that killer of a devil called 'emotional stress' comes creeping up my spine like a disease from the Congo, then I want to kill something from frustration!! This devastating-spirit-killing heart-wrenching process? Yes. And my worst enemy. A healthy body often has a healthy mindset. What you don't realise, is how an unhealthy mindset, and unhappy state-of-heart (caused by said 'disease'), may cause destruction of that sculpted, healthy, happy, beautiful 'hot' body. Me - case in point. It is my single biggest daily challenge. My weakness. Without a doubt. I think the biggest problem is the way I handle relationships. Work, pressure at the office, and the daily grind of my job, that I can handle. Feeling part of friendships, being valued by other people, dealing with rejection, failure, etc, not so much. It is my weakness, because in reality I should NOT let it upset me so much. Frankly, it's unreasonable to expect people to treat you nice all the time, or to be interested in your life, all the time. I've learnt that being a good friend and a good listener sometimes helps - to allow people to value your friendship first. Giving, often results in receiving.
I saw the movie version of 'Spud' this week - based on the South African book by John van de Ruit - starring John Cleese and newcomer Troye Sivan, about a schoolboy who feels left out and alone during his first high school year at a private boarding school in KwaZulu-Natal. I could most certainly relate. Growing up tough always haunts me during challenging times (read, when emotional stress hits hardest). It's like a flashback that violently beats through my mind. It's typical movie scene - the disturbed adult-character experiencing these harsh flashbacks of some type of abuse during his younger years. Only to wake-up and find that it's all fine. I know that it's all fine. In fact, I'm very blessed.
But I also know that getting over this hurdle of emotional stress, is a long and frustrating process. You end up having imbalanced emotions, you get upset over stupid, small things, people think you've got 'issues,' you get rejected because no one wants to deal with your crap, and you start hating yourself. Yes, even considering suicide. I know that I'm better off today than what I was a few years back, and that gives me courage! 'Harden-the-fuck-up' is my motto now. I was told by someone that I should grow some balls. Right. Will do.
Being disciplined, and hard-working might sideline me, and even if I'm still as unpopular as I was at school, it won't make me a weaker person, because I'm working towards a bigger plan, and by taking one-step-at-a-time, I will survive this, get through my emotional baggage, and be at peace. I know that. I believe that. And I won't lose hope.

PS: Was listening to the tune 'Hold on' earlier today, by M Buble. Some of the lyrics are:
...luck will leave you, cause it's a faithless friend
And in the end when life has got you down
You've got someone here that you can wrap your arms around
There's a thousand ways for things to fall apart
But it's no one's fault
So hold on, to me tight;
Hold on, I promise it'll be alright
Cause it's you and me together...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Confidence is a skill, not a talent

More pics from gym - this time, I need to get comfortable in underwear, for the upcoming CK shoot (which, btw has been postponed again, until mid-Nov).

In the meanwhile, I'd like to mention a book that I'm reading, by Donald Trump, "Think Big."
I enjoyed his views on 'being confident.'
Basically, you need to teach yourself this skill. And the most confident person, always has the most power. Part of being confident is having done your research, knowing your facts, and believing in what you stand for. Once you have gained experience in your field, you'll start to develop an instinct. And combined with a passion, this will prove to be very powerful. If you don't develop your level of confidence, you'll constantly struggle to make decisions, and move forward in life.
In my view, one of the secrets to being successful, is being confident in making your decisions. This will teach you to make the right decisions, and 'taking the opportunity when it knocks on your door.'

Thanks to MBM for this feature, check it out:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lean & Mean

I am shooting for CK promotions mid-October - this will result in a 4-page Editorial spread for Calvin Klein related print ad (magazine) campaigns in Australia. I'm told a female model will be flown from Switzerland! I'm very excited.
Thus, in the meanwhile, I have to train like never before - though my general physique should stay "lean & mean" - agent's request. Lol. Basically, the muscle areas that look good on pictures need to be emphasized - abs, chest, biceps, obliques, upper-legs.
And models are not supposed to be too big. Which, for now, I'm content with.
Eventually, I want to bulk-up for fitness modeling. For now, "lean & mean" is perfect.
I am however participating in fitness-related projects - to promote the industry in South Africa. More details to follow. (Watch this space in October!).
*I've attached 2 pics from gym this morning.

Last week I attended the Men's Health annual menswear show - Urban Tree (Sandton); and the event was awesome! I shot video clips for our TV programme as well (V_Entertainment).
The latest edition of Men's Health (South Africa; October 2010) features some of the items that were on display. Our insert will be shown this Friday on Vuzu Dstv 123 (or check it by Monday online:

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Business Conduct - in general

There is a specific (unwritten) 'code of conduct' in business which has truly inspired me - and it doesn't only apply to people that work in 'business' (strictly speaking).
'Business conduct' - for lack of a better term - is actually more about the way you interact with other people; how you run your daily life; and how organised you are (i.e. ability to plan ahead).
I'd like to make a few points:
Firstly, you need to understand how to work with people. Something as simple as greeting someone properly. Also, speaking in terms of other people's values, so that they don't feel that you are making them do something for your own benefit - but to the benefit of the 'team'/company/ group/etc
Be presentable - if you dress smartly, you immediately value yourself better.
Have a diplomatic conversation - this means, work with your colleagues and suggest solutions - this will teach your team to think in terms of solutions and not problems.
*Always see every problem as an opportunity to learn from - and guide your thoughts towards solutions - it will almost certainly ease your stress levels, since you won't fear a problem ever again!
Being organised is about planning ahead. A business woman once told me: the best advice I can give you, is to plan ahead. Planning, planning, planning!
Finally, going to gym and eating healthy is more important than what most people would believe. I cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you're overweight and feeling depressed, you simply don't want to make the effort. In most cases, people become locked in a routine and (subconsciously) refuse to make any effort in following a healthier lifestyle. It's a choice. Seriously. End of story.
If you'd only pull through, and feel the benefits of gym, healthy eating, etc you'd be happy you made the effort!
Gotta be off to another shoot for our TV show.
Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

30 minute work-outs AND my daily diet!

I think I have found one of the best work-out programmes - and, of course, it all depends on what you prefer, or what your goal is.
Training twice a day for 30 minutes per session has certainly helped me to start pushing harder, and see better gains. Mornings are normally for cutting, and I never do any cardio, since I'm already lean and my goal is to bulk. After a full day of eating well, and enough, your body will have sufficient fuel to focus on heavier weights if you train later in the day/early evening again. It's imperative for me to go as heavy as possible, even if that means only doing 4 reps per set.
If you're in doubt as to what exactly you need to do; check out fitness websites - guys like Rob Riches, Scott Herman and several others write about (and create video clips) the correct form in gym.
Rob Riches:
Scott Herman:

My 30-minute work-outs are shorter than most sessions, but intense, and I can easily focus on specific muscle groups.
My daily diet consists of carb-loading foods- the ones that suit my digestive system (each person's will differ):
2x cups of brown rice, cooked
2 avo's
1 pk green beans
Lots of goat's cheese
Water / Ginger water

It really works for my - and I supplement with Salmon Oil and Zinc tablets.
No other supplements used right now.

My daily routine seems strange, but it's honestly helped me to build the right muscle, stay lean, and healthy. It's taken me since school - 1999 - to figure out a diet that works for my body. And no one can ever follow exactly the same diet as another person. However, by trial & error you will find the suitable plan that works for you - and stick to it!!
Best wishes!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

On my way, to Calvin Klein ...

Finally, a chance to write here again.
My Calvin Klein shoot is happening in September and I'm currently on a mission to build a little extra muscle (bulking) and get in top-shape for the shoot. (See pic attached from gym this morning).
My key focus areas include:
Arms (biceps/triceps); upper legs and shoulders.
Of course, in the process, I'd like to add more muscle to my upper chest as well.
I'm told dumbbell incline presses are the best to get them pumped!

On that note, please check out a friend's new Facebook group, and if you're in Cape Town, feel free to ask him for advice. Andri Joubert.

August is also a very exciting month with a few movie premieres that we're covering for our TV show. The most exciting being the release of the new A-Team movie. Starring a fellow South African (Sharlto Copley - "Wicus van der Merwe" from District 9). Then there's also Angelina Jolie's new release "Salt." On the 28th of Aug I'm traveling to Cape Town for my grandmother's 80th birthday - a momentous occasion (especially since she's been such a role model in my life, being a journalist herself). I'm very blessed to have a great family!

Will keep posting back regarding any new shoots coming up.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Make 'someday' happen now!

One of my favourite magazines is 'Entrepreneur' and gives plenty insight for the business-minded guy/girl that are currently thinking of starting their own venture.
An article written by Rory Cohen in the July2010 edition is titled "Make someday happen now." Quoting Aristotle's statement of "being entelechy," the article addresses the potential of every living organism (human being) to express itself to its fullest potential. In other words, you are not supposed to stay bland and be unsuccessful. Ha!
Cohen suggests that you only need 10 minutes a day to get your creative energy flowing and seeing some real results!
Herewith the steps that the article outlines:
1. Consider your 'someday' dreams carefully; What is your life calling for?
Write a list of all the things you've been thinking about doing but haven't done.
2. Choose one thing on that list to experiment with. It doesn't matter which one you choose.
3. Spend ten minutes focusing on what you have selected. Imagine that you have successfully achieved whatever dream you've chosen. Fuel the fantasy with as much positive energy as you can. For example: Ask yourself, what would you be feeling if you woke up this morning and that dream had come true? That's the feeling you want to focus on. If you do nothing else with your 'someday' dream but spend ten minutes everyday doing this exercise, you will see results.

It might take a little discipline, but ten minutes a day is not asking much. And, hey, you're planning YOUR life and making it BETTER!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Louis D Botha Sample Shots

Thanks for these shots from photographer Louis D Botha - it will soon feature on his new website. Once it's up and running I will post a link. He is certainly a photographer to be watched!
* * *
Please check out his website here:

Friday, July 16, 2010

The trick to muscle building!

I'm sure every guy with a decent built, a six-pack and generally good physique gets asked:
My answer: Eat right.
Well, that's a start. And I've written about my diet plan numerous times before. It's so crucial in the whole process that you simply can't ignore the importance of good food - for your specific body type. I'm unable to prescribe my diet since it won't necessarily benefit you. I'd recommend a trial-and-error process: consume your favourite foods, add a few 'suggested' diet foods; and work out which ones benefit you. It might take you months to figure it out, but you will, eventually, and it will be a perfect solution for weight building problems!

* * *

Monday, July 5, 2010

Relationship Hick-Ups?

I read an article this morning on the '5 key skills to preserving a healthy relationship.' See if you agree, and perhaps gather your own thoughts on how you think a relationship should be handled when it gets complicated... here are some points from the article;

Be willing to forfeit: the win-win strategy
In order to love and be loved, you have to let go of an argument, and be able to see the reason why your partner is upset with you; understand and be willing to agree to it. When your partner recognizes your understanding and agreement to the problem, he/she will be more understanding towards you.

Get to the point, nicely
Don't try and 'teach' your partner to be 'better' at their shortcomings. Be honest about your own. You have to get your point across by being honest about your own weaknesses, yet, not to insult or attack your partner's.

Be positive
It helps to create a positive outlook: find/suggest the solution instead of adding more problems to an argument.

For me, the biggest discipline in a relationship is to accept your partner's character traits, habits, and general personality. We are all different, and we do things based on our own, personal, value system. These values are never the same for any two people. If you learn your partner's values - the things they enjoy most (highest level of fulfillment = highest value) - then you will be able to communicate your own values through theirs. You can have your own needs fulfilled by considering your partner's and vica versa. Once you show true love - acceptance of a person for who they are (i.e. appreciating their highest values), then you will recieve this in abundance from your partner too.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Only hard work pays off!!

I've referenced his tips before, and you can also find him on Facebook. Rob Riches is an American fitness model who documents his daily fitness routine, experience as a fitness model and provide an insight into his life 'in the gym.' I've learnt a few tricks and tips from him, and I'd recommend his site to anyone that's interested in building (better) muscle.
Check it out here:

Or a direct link to his training blog:
He is very dedicated to refining his skill to become the ultimate fitness model. And even the skinniest (or most overweight) guys want to build a little bit of muscle. And the first step is to feel inspired and willing to go the extra mile. You have to create the will-power (find inspiration and a reason why you're doing it). Then, training becomes a psychological process of having the discipline to train hard on a daily basis; to eat right and be strict with your diet plan; and to be dedicated throughout busy periods. Once it's set in your mind, there are no limits!
For me it's been challenging due to my first priority = my day job. I work in TV production since this is my ultimate passion. Yet, my love for fitness & training will never disappear. I want to have the balance. I'm already very strict with my diet - and my friends will attest to this fact. Thereafter I simply have to create the time to train for at least 1 hour per day. This takes much effort and encouragement - especially during winter (and having a World Cup on your doorstep!) - but I'm never losing faith and determination. And no one should.
As for the long term goals and dreams, those facets still need a lot of work - and, admittedly, I can't expect to achieve anything without a plan. A 6-month plan, a 1-year plan, and a 5-year plan. My financial plan; where I want to live; how I'd like to spend my time; etc - all of which, surely, need the proper research and planning! You won't achieve success in the gym, or with your diet, or, with your career, if you don't do the planning and research first. So, I gotta get my grind going and back to the drawing board. Many ideas, many plans = research needed!

Supernova/World Cup

It's been a rad time on Supernova - the TV show that I work on for Supersport. This week we've had Danny K, Kabelo, Leon Schuster, Ryan Botha and Liquideep on the show. Word is that the show will continue after the World Cup. Exciting!
As for V_Entertainment, the other show I work on, for youth channel Vuzu, we are broadcasting an interview I did with soccer player Ryan Botha tonight. It should shed some light on the reasons behind him splitting with his ex-fiancee Natasha Shannon. Not a happy story. Great inserts thought, check it on Vuzu channel 123.
In the meanwhile, my brother is trying to get us tickets to the World Cup final - he insists that we should go to the final. I'd be very, very happy! Next week is also the much anticipated concert with Andrea Bocelli - which I can't wait for!
Alright, that's my quick update. Will write more laters!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Men's Health South Africa: Urban Challenge!

This is something I wanna do! Check it out!
28 November, Sandton City, JHB >>

In the middle of a tornado

Hey! Whatsup! As you will notice, this is the first time I'm writing since 9 June, which was 2 days before the opening of the World Cup. It's been crazy. I've been in the middle of a tornado, but loving it, seriously enjoying every second! The atmosphere, the foreign visitors, the flags, the games, stadia, and the excitement is like a giant tornado that's sweeping through our country and leaving a wave of happy moments behind. It's all good. I don't mind working extra hours, putting in more effort and making sure I do whatever I can to catch the awesome vibe of the 2010 Fifa World Cup.
The only frustration I have is the hiatus between events/studio time/shoots, etc when nothing really happens, or I'm waiting for details to be confirmed. No time to rest! Lol. Also, I got sick last week Wed and still don't feel 100% /Grrrrr!!! / Gym=outta the question.
Well I'm gotta get into studio prep again, keep checking our show "Supernova" daily at 10AM on Supersport 203!
*PS: Never go through your day without having a purpose. That's my message for the day!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Shakira in town!

Last night I attended the launch of the new Sony HD 3D TV's - which, by the way, looks really awesome! They showed us soccer clips in 3D (that is something you have to experience, wow!!)
Shakira was the guest of honour, along with Freshlyground, Louise Carver, and the Vice President of the Sony Corporation, Mr Kiyoshi Shikano, with MC for the night, local comedian, Trevor Noah. Of course, I was excited to see Shakira. Sexy lady indeed! The picture above is perhaps not the best, but it shows the 3D screen with Freshlyground's Kyla & Zolani, sitting with Shakira and Trevor (at the very bottom you can see their heads from the stage below).
The best feeling however was to arrive at Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton City, and see hundreds of people (mostly foreigners), with flags, Vuvuzela's, and draped in the colours of their respective World Cup teams. It was the first time that I really experienced the World Cup fever! The time has come for Africa, and South Africa, to shine! I can't wait for the opening ceremony on Friday and the kick-off game at 4pm with our very own Bafana Bafana team vs Mexico. Even Madiba will attend the ceremony. A momentous occasion. I won't be at the stadium, instead, I'll be with friends at one of the FanParks that was created especially for this World Cup.
So, whether you're supporting South Africa, or not, or perhaps you don't even enjoy soccer; you just can't help but to join in on the fun; it's so uniting and uplifting, Gotta Love it !!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

My training routine and some other thoughts...

I haven't written here in a while! The Soccer World Cup is opening in a week's time, and since I work in TV, we are focusing on gathering content for the next month. This includes, going out to shoot events that are happening around World Cup, and working on new shows that are broadcasting only over this period. Apologies for not writing more often!
At least I'm still able to make time for gym (which is very important to me). My sessions are often very short (40 minutes max), but on certain days I go twice. I have isolated the muscle groups where I need better definition and shape, and it seems that my shorter-stints at the gym (more intense though), is paying off. I see better definition on my shoulders, upper legs, biceps, triceps and chest.
A personal trainer explained to me that warming up before your session is vital. And choosing the correct warm-up exercise is even more important.

There are 2 different types that I prefer; it gets your blood pumping and the muscle fibre ready to train really hard:
1) Squats
2) Combination of dead lifts/ clean pull-ups

Squats are always referred to by personal trainers as the best all-round exercise since it puts pressure on a variety of muscle groups. Hence, a great way to warm-up!
I do 3 sets and then start my training session.

Dead lifts and clean pull-ups are very similar, except that clean pull-ups have the extra tension on shoulders (shrugs) and calves (lifting your feet off the ground).
See this link on dead lifts:
And read here about clean pull's:

I also read an interesting article with tips on 'how to get stronger', see here:

For general cardio, always head towards the rowing machine. This type of exercise does not burn muscle as quickly as, say cycling/spinning or running.

See pics below from gym this morning. Blackberry's don't have great quality on the camera side, but hey, it'll do ;)
I honestly don't think you need to be at gym for 2 hours everyday. When you have a moment in the day (say 40 minutes), then do a work-out and focus on 1 muscle only. If you do shorter, more regular training sessions, you can focus on more specific parts of your body and not try and do too much in a day. Try it out!

In the meanwhile, I have to reiterate that being true to yourself, not comparing yourself to other people (and feeling inferior, weak or useless), are so crucial in building a better and more confidant personality. You have to find your own strengths, and only judge yourself based on your own previous attempt/performance/ etc.
Have a blessed weekend!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I have to write today and trust that the process of getting these thoughts off my chest will prove therapeutic.
It is very upsetting when you beat yourself down, feel inferior and insecure, because other people don't like you, or don't treat you in the way you think is worthy of fair exchange. We start hating our-little-selves when other people - that we really like - treat us differently from how we hoped they would. If you try and impress someone that you love, and go out of your way, it often ends badly since you have an expectation to receive the same treatment.
Now, firstly, you should never expect anyone to give you exactly what you give them. Secondly, if you have an imbalanced relationship, then don't bend over backwards and expect to get the same in return. Accept that you are a good person, with great attributes, and that someone will come along and appreciate you for the person you are. Just like you should feel about people you like. It's not worth the feelings of insecurity, or depression, when people don't really appreciate you. If they don't see the good things you do for them, then it shouldn't make you feel terrible about yourself, rather make peace with the fact that you've done everything you could to be a great friend/person, and stop beating yourself down. We need to love people for who they are, and never expect anything in return. This selfless attitude needs plenty discipline, but it's honestly the most rewarding and successful approach in life. Love, and you will be loved.
PS: I can't help but to post this image again of me and our family dog Simba. Dogs don't hold regrets and it doesn't matter how crazy-mad you get at them, they will still love you and protect you regardless. Always. Unconditional love. We can learn from them!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Reasoning behind "The Plan!"

I would like to use a very simple example to explain my reasoning behind having a "plan" in life.
When you need something specific from the shopping mall - say, you need a broom for the house - then you drive there with the plan to buy a broom. You might have an idea of the type of broom, price range, what your budget will allow and a few other options too (which shop has the best selection; hard brush/soft brush; etc). Your main plan (A), therefore, is to buy a broom. Your options are your plans B and C. Wouldn't you agree that driving to the mall with this in mind, helps the process of only looking for that specific item. Of course, once you get to the mall, you might be distracted by a clothing store, a music store or the like. This is where discipline comes in: giving yourself a time limit; and very specific plan to only focus on buying the broom. If you stick to what you set out to do, it will be a quick, efficient and successful task, completed.

The analogy between buying a broom at the shopping mall and the human recipe for success is very important. The underlying message is also to have discipline, however, it starts with the plan. If you can create a "to-do list" for the mall, then why can't you make one for your own life. If you can organise your day at the office, then why can't you organise how you'd like to achieve your goals & dreams. It really boils down to the same principle: planning. And discipline. But start with the plan. And don't just think it, or say it, WRITE it down, damn! It couldn't have been easier, yet so few of us actually do this!
My tips on writing your plan should include these steps:

* Write down 5 things that you currently do/are involved with in your life;
* Adjacent to this list, list those that you currently enjoy the most, with the first one being ranked the highest in terms of fulfillment;
* Then, make a list of the 5 things you wish to be doing and don't currently do;
* Finally, a list of 5 ways to achieve the 5 things you wish you'd rather be doing;
From these lists, you should have a better understanding of what you NEED to be doing with your life in order to ENJOY your life again.
The next step is to add a time frame to each activity. An action plan that is linked to a disciplined process.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Never accept anything at face value!

I enjoy reading new studies about food, nutrition, health, and quantum physics. For example, I am fascinated by how nutrition works! I am consistently intrigued by new studies, often scientifically based, about food, and how humans react to it. Our biological interactions - blood chemistry - with food is so vital in understanding our health, that you simply cannot ignore the writings and research on this subject.
I have learnt a few years back that microwave ovens are extremely damaging to the food you put in it. Now, if you still don't think so, read this article:

On a more positive note: I've had a very successful shoot for Barron clothing (Kevro); for their 2010/11 catalogue. This will be launched by August this year, and there will be a fashion show where you'd be able to check us out as well.
In the meanwhile, don't accept anything at face value; try and read both sides of any story, and read/research before you just do what 'everyone' says is right!

**Below, a picture of me with DJ Tiesto, taken after our interview for V_Entertainment/Vuzu. He played a special gig this past weekend in JHB, South Africa. Awesome!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Fitness Plan: STEP 1: Push-Ups

So, being a little smaller than other muscled guys, I have to revise a plan that focuses more on building my core muscle groups at a higher intensity. Since I don't take any major supplements or steroids, I do this the natural way, which takes a little longer. Yet, it can certainly be done!!

I've read several articles that emphasize the importance of body-weight exercises. This strengthens the muscle in a more natural form and is also referred to as resistance training.
The most important one being the press-up or push-up: Thanks to Men's Health UK for the 100-Press-Ups challenge. Check out /
I find the push-up the best type of exercise to do after waking up in the morning - right next to my bed. Then, off to gym, and finish my work-out with another 50 reps. It will burn and do you good!!

It starts with YOU

When you experience one of those frustrating days: horrible gym session; someone dear to you leaving you disappointed; personal relationships not turning out to be as happy (normal); and your good intentions or advice not being taken; well, then, you gotta look inside yourself (find the balance), and create an outcome. My biggest frustration is with slow progress: whether it be at my job; personal ideals & goals; gym (fitness); or getting to the next level in a relationship/ or perhaps expecting more from a relationship/or maybe looking for better solutions to tricky relationships. In the end, I have to settle for the way things unfold, naturally. Which, I will admit, often is the best option. It is stressful to try and speed things up. Don't bother. Instead, create opportunities and let this keep your mind occupied. Sitting and waiting for something to happen, or getting frustrated with your current situation, is a hopeless-scenario! And I'm partly talking to myself here. There's no point for me to complain of being unhappy (in any number of situations), if I ain't doing anything about it! Easier said than done. But seriously, it's like following a step-by-step guide on "how to change your life..." When most people only talk about their ideal life, only a few get to the grind and DO something about it. It's a disciplined, non-stop, hard-working, dedicated mission of note: staying true to your highest value(s). This means that you have to honour your highest priorities - the things you value the most (which should include what you really want to do in life).
Thanks again for BlondeZulu for picture above.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Find the Balance

After a breakdown in a relationship recently, I decided to consult a girlfriend that studies psychology. She recommended that I read Dr Demartini's book "Heart of Love." Now, most of us have emotional problems (albeit occasionally for some of us); and we get so worked up about it that we cause our bodies to shut down, and bring on feelings of total depression and hopelessness. Rubbish. Really. Demartini writes that the trick is to 'find the balance.' We are too easily focused on the 'disaster' of a disappointing experience (fighting, or losing, a loved one; job dissatisfaction; financial woes or similar). Yet, if you were to look at any situation more closely, you'd find that there's a very intricate process unfolding, which the universe has created to ensure the existence of every living organism. Nature, and life, works in balance. It's the law of physics, and you'll find it in your own life, if you discipline yourself to look for it. I found this to be truly the moment of awakening for me. It's not easy to explain all the detail in one blog post, but the most important facet to this theory is to see things as both positive and negative. When you experience the negative, you have to discipline yourself to find the positive in that situation/event. For example, when a person irritates you (negative), he/she is trying to tell you something about yourself that you need to work with in order for you to grow into a 'better' person (positive). Ultimately, we would all like to get along with everybody, and be a 'likeable' person.
Another example is accepting someone for who they are. All of us have a different set of values (things you prioritize in your life and live according to); and if you can understand that someone else's values will be different to yours - they'll judge differently, have different habits, interests, etc - then you'll be able to communicate to this person by appreciating their values instead of yours. This will result in someone liking you more since you speak to them through their set of values.
There are many examples, but my advice is to find this book and just read it. Make notes, study it, and learn the principles. It will truly make you love yourself more, and create a happier sense of understanding of people, and relationships. You don't need to worry anymore that you'll lose someone, for as long as you respect someone else's values, find the balance and show true love, you can't be denied love. Ever. And if you have to move on from someone that's not accepting you, then you'll never have to find fault with yourself, since you're honoring your own values and someone that respects that will appreciate you for being YOU.
*I'm flying from Johannesburg to Cape Town on Friday to visit my family on the West Coast. I am very excited. Have a blessed weekend!! And, spread the love!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Note to the Universe

I’d like to send a wish to the universe today: that I won’t be scared, or weak, or unsure, insecure, worried, stressed and hopeless in my quest to finding the true meaning for my existence here on earth. The light of this day should inspire me for I should be grateful for every privilege and every blessing that I have today. Whether it be my health, my physical strength, my knowledge, my family, or just as simple as knowing that I do have a purpose for living and being alive. Imbalanced emotions break my spirit at times, and it shows instability to the outside world, yet I believe it’s the process of growing and that the universe will gently nudge me into the right direction. Sometimes I have too much passion that gets interpreted as obsession or madness yet in my heart it boils over and I can’t ignore the voice inside, or the driving force that guides me to my destiny.

I make the mistake of reading people wrong, or trusting someone too quickly, or not trusting them at all, or being too kind, and giving, but sometimes care and affection are seen as being obnoxious and annoying.

Though people might say terrible things to you and attack your personality, it should not let you feel discouraged, or inferior. Anyone that hates you, once had to love you. Anyone that speaks badly of you actually does so because they are hiding their own jealousy and inferior complexes. Those that really care will be critical, yet they’ll embrace you for who you really are.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Upcoming Shoots for our show V_Entertainment!!

Excited for the upcoming week. Though, working hard to help a friend with some deals. Never shy away from being there for your friends. You don't know when the day comes for the help to be returned.
At V_Entertainment (the TV show I co-produce with Elana Afrika for Vuzu Channel 123, on satellite in Southern Africa); we are always happy to show the latest scoop. This Wednesday I'm shooting behind the scenes of the final episode for Survivor South Africa. We have more inside footage of Locnville's music and the 2 brothers behind it; and a look at P!nk's current 'Funhouse Tour.' Local stand-up comedian John Vlismas was taken to a movie viewing ('Men who stare at goats') and he reviewed it. Early May I'm also off to shoot with Trevor Noah (another local comedian, and, apparently these latter 2 guys don't like each other's work?); and then there's Grease the Musical at Monte Casino.
My note for the day is to find something in your friends' personalities/strengths, and appreciate them for having this, and be inspired. Our strengths will never be the same, and we often judge/compare ourselves, and get negative. Rather, focus on the good attributes that someone close to you has, and say thank you. I'm happy to be blessed with the best of best friends. And for them I'll do anything and will always be willing to assist. They would do the same for me. In other fields, like your working environment, even the staff that assist at any store or restaurant, they also need the same respect and friendliness that you give to your loved ones. Be one step ahead. And it will be returned to you, five-fold!
Have a blessed day! XX
PS: Pic courtesy BlondeZulu feat new model Francheska E'Silva.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Yesterday I had a meeting with the production team from Mnet (TV station) and discussed details of the new show we are putting together for the upcoming Soccer World Cup in South Africa. It will be targeting the sports crazy youth (13-22 year olds) with 3 vibrant presenters! They are building an impressive set for this show and the content promises to be very exciting and lots of fun (high profile celebrity guests, international music stars, soccer players, Gaming inserts courtesy PS3/EA Games, and much more!)
We are starting on 11 June - the day that the World Cup opens - on Supersport. Be sure not to miss it!!
Speaking of which, in 1998 I visited France while they hosted the Soccer World Cup. I was with a couple of friends and a tour group, and we were mostly in Paris. And, even though there were lots of foreign visitors, everything was actually so well organised that it seemed calm, relaxed and happy at all times. I hope that we'll have a similar vibe here in South Africa. I believe in the spirit of South Africa and therefore wish that we also have a 'happy' World Cup. Let's support our teams and welcome all visitors with open arms!!

Just an update on my progress at the gym. I have been pushing hard with my upper-legs and arms. These areas were neglected in the past and now is the time for me to get an all-round balanced shape.
See pictures below with 2 angles. Perseverance is the name of the game.
Have a blessed weekend.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Rocking Vintage baby!/@BlondeZulu

Thanks to SouthAfrican photographer BlondeZulu, I have some great shots to showcase that relate closely to those that American clothing label Abercrombie & Fitch often use in their fashion shoots and marketing material. I dig the black & white, vintage, old-school theme.
The shoot features new model Francheska E'Silva, and styling was done by ElizaRoza. Thanks to all the girls for a great experience!
See sample pics attached.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wait 'till you see my smile

I got the new Alicia Keys album over the weekend! Love this girl and her music is brilliant. One of the tracks is called "Wait 'till you see my smile." Some of the lyrics read:
When the wind is blowing in your face
sometimes in life you don't see straight
Pray to Him
He will show ... //
When your head is in a certain place
Nobody around to make you safe
Stand strong and you will grow //
Don't they love to see you down
Kick you while you are on the ground
Don't let emotions show //

This song inspired me to face the day and not let emotions get me down. And I'd like to urge you, sincerely, try to smile despite your circumstances. The universe will teach us important lessons and learning them will never be easy or 'nice.' In tough times we forget our blessings and only focus on the negative. It becomes a vicious circle of depression in which you become more negative by only focusing on that. The challenge in this is to find a solution. Only ever focus on that. Solution, solution, solution. And, guess what, you have to find this yourself. Friends are there to support and that is something you should appreciate, yet, you have to lift your own chip up. You are most certainly able to, that is the one thing I've learnt and guarantee! None of us are born for no reason. You are meant to become stronger, wiser, and better off. When it takes us longer, it's just that we are not ready yet and still need to learn a few more lessons. So, the sooner we find solutions, the sooner we will grow and achieve the success of 'the next level.'

* * *

I am also very grateful for people that help me to achieve growth in my own career. And last Saturday I had an awesome photoshoot with one of South Africa's most talented photographers. She is professionally known as the 'Blonde Zulu'
I have added an album to my Facebook Page. Please join the group on FB and leave your comments there. Thank you!

* * *

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Easter!!

This weekend is Easter and time to have an overload of chocolate bunnies (I wouldn't mind a Playboy bunny-honey dipped in chocolate... hahaha). So, my wish is that everyone takes at least this time out to find some perspective and balance. We do things that we regret later on, we make mistakes, we have good times and sad times, now, let's be reassured that it's pointless having the stress of uncertainty when things will fall into place as we grow. Also, trying to impress, or fit in, or change (for someone else) is not just pointless, it's a ridiculous and negative exercise that will break you down and destroy every good attribute you have.
So count your blessings, and eat lots of chocolate this weekend. Or just dip someone you love into chocolate. Lol.

**Back to business at the Gym today. I had the dreaded flu over the weekend so stayed in bed. Only had strength back today and worked on arms. My current goals include: stronger upper body resistance/ increase muscle size on biceps, shoulders, back, upper legs and obliques.

Thanks to a good lady friend, I'm having a photoshoot on Saturday that will be styled to portray a very hard, masculine and outdoor image. Looking forward to it! Will post sample shots here soonest.
Here's one last pic from Mxit shoot /credit to Bruce K Cantrell /
Enjoy Easter !!! :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

09 Xmas Shoot/Mxit / Bruce K Cantrell

Just a shout out to the agency Twisted Lemon, and photographer Bruce K Cantrell for this picture (Copyright). Contact them via Facebook or his website!!
[ ]
I would highly recommend them / Johannesburg, South Africa.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The HOT shoot!! :)

Next Friday at 6PM you'd better be checking out Vuzu where we'll feature a behind-the-scenes look at the FHM cover shoot for their May issue. 2 Hot blondes are featured and as a teaser, here's a picture that will appear in this forthcoming issue.
*Thanks to Hagan & the guys/girls at FHM for this opportunity! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and both Tayla & Jenna are awesome girls!!! =)
*big grin*

Monday, March 22, 2010

Where the sun rises

One morning, when next you have this chance again, try and be somewhere quiet and early, where you can see the sun rise. In that moment, think about everything that you have - from the most obvious like your health, friends, family, etc, to where you are in life. Dig into your heart, and find what it is that you enjoy so much that you can't live without - the job, the people, the passions, etc THEN stay still, and watch the sunrise. Let it be. And let the moment unfold while you sit still and have your mind wander. You should leave there and have peace in your heart & mind, that most things will unfold naturally, just like that sunrise, in the way nature intends it. If you let it be. If you don't force it, and if you don't become paranoid and insecure. Be confidant in your ability to be the person that you were shaped to be. You were made with a plan in mind, there is a direction, and that direction is towards your ultimate purpose in life. And, I've found, the path on which we travel through life will be outlined for you. It will nudge you into the right direction, ever so gently, though, often, in a rather harsh manner. Still, it's like the sunrise, it's unfolding and will take its course, naturally, the way it's intended to do. Slowly, but surely. Now, let your soul guide you and don't panic when you get stuck and feel that you should "take control" and become a paranoid driver.

*Yesterday I woke up with the sight of a flat wheel on my car. No spare, and a Sunday morning, no one around or willing to help me. I managed to get some air pumped into it, and drove to the nearest garage. From there I called the AA and attempted to find someone that could fix the puncture in the tyre. No luck. Driving a VW, I called VW Alert, who put me in touch with a company that was about 100km from where I live, that could possibly fix the puncture for me. I ensured the punctured tyre had enough air, and drove to this company's premises - on the other side of town! Came there, and, mistakenly let them take off the wrong tyre to check.
(I only realized this the next day !) Still, had to pay R300 for them to 'help' me. Even though nothing was done!
Drove to friends for lunch, and felt angry that the problem suddenly just disappeared. Meanwhile, the actual faulty tyre carried on losing air. I spent the whole afternoon with my friends, drove back home at night, and went to bed. The following morning I checked my wheels and saw that my tyre was half-flat again. Luckily it wasn't completely flat. This is when I realized the wrong tyre was checked the previous day. (Doh!)
I went to the nearest filling station and the attendant there noticed a nail in the tyre, and alerted me to the puncture. I said that I'm aware of it, and really not sure where to get it fixed, since, today, is a Public Holiday!! He then told me, nonchalantly, that there is a garage just around the corner that could fix my puncture for R25! Huh?!! So, around the corner from my house they fixed my tyre, and it was all good again. Damn. If only I didn't panic the previous day, and just believed that I would find the solution to this. And it was right there! LOL.

Hope you'll have a blessed day. Be calm in your heart. Best advice, and RealTalk!!
**Pic courtesy Werner Prinsloo/ Nineteen86 Photography (c) And taken during an underwear shoot in 2009. It's an outtake that hasn't been published anywhere before. // :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Writing your Mission Statement

It has been a tumultuous time for me: disorderly, confused, excited, unsure, etc. I have greeted friends goodbye, some, forever, and another, only away for a little while. Nevertheless, I have realized how much of myself I have poured into those relationships/friendships where the support came mostly from me. Where the thoughts and passion shifted from my own personal goals, to helping others get to theirs. It is warm-hearted and I enjoy being a supporting pillar. It is, unfortunately, a recipe for self-destruction, and, once stuck, it feels like a dark, bottomless pit that's really hard to get out of. And I haven't seen the light, yet.
An intelligent artist once said that clever people always have doubt. So, no vote of confidence for us with brains = 'tumultuous' is the word. Lol.
Writing down your mission statement will help. Or, it's a good start. It's my self-therapy course. I have to write down everything that's on my mind, to bring my strategy into perspective. It helps to balance out the negative, unhappy, depressing and lonely emotions I have. Those weak moments where you hate yourself, feel insecure, insignificant, unsure, lost, not worthy of success, and very, very depressed.
Your mission statement is... your mission in life, in words. Where do you feel most secure & happy? What makes you feel good about life? Write this down. Then you have to find the balance between where you are now (daily duties/ your current job/current circumstances) and brainstorm some ideas of how you could possibly change some aspects, to get on track, and in-line with your mission statement.
Remember: do NOT live someone else's dream / do NOT doubt yourself by comparing your attributes to others and feeling insecure / do NOT give up hope / I repeat, do NOT give up! //
Your strengths will NOT be the same as others, and you have to focus on yours only. And even if you offer something that is slightly similar to that of others, find your niche, and branch-out on that.
*Let's drink to the possibility of achieving success and never stop believing, and working for it.
Be blessed!
//Pic attached is one of my all-time favourites. Taken with our family dog, "Simba" at a Cape Town beach. Miss my family too much today. XX

Monday, March 1, 2010

Turn it around!!!

Part of the reason for writing a blog is to provide an outlet for frustrated emotions. Well, it always helps to write down what you feel inside and attempt to let the self-therapy ease the tension and depressed emotions. I recommend it.
Today is that typical 'I-hate-my-job-and-would-rather-be-somewhere-else'-day! The wrong start. Of course, if you look at problem-situations closely, more often than not, the problem starts with how you approach something. Let's say you're in an argument* with someone over a task that should be done - and you're arguing about who should be doing it. To solve the argument, offer to do it - however, negotiate an agreement that will suit both parties and not just yourself. Sacrificing - your time - and creating the solution will immediately limit the chances of an argument in the first place. Admittedly, I have a stubborn personality and not always give in, with the result of beating myself down and ending up the one that feels emotionally wrecked. Yet, I believe that being 'stubborn' could boil down to simply being confident - which is essential in surviving any tough working environment (sticking with your beliefs/ moral values).
I had the urge today for venting /complaining - but it serves no purpose. Really. I have written about this before (perhaps to cure my own frustrations); we stare blankly into the problem, sulking/moaning about it, but we are too hard-up to constantly look for solutions. Not progressing, and certainly not self-soothing.
*I'm currently reading the book 'The Capitalist Nigger' by Dr Chika Onyeani. His views on the 'poor state of the black race' is rather controversial and I'm not keen to voice mine right now, however, he does offer some valuable points. One of which applies to anyone that always blames outside situations, other people and circumstances for their own problematic situations. He states unequivocally, 'Stop playing the blame game and start creating the solution.' //
It is easier to blame something else, but more rewarding to find the solution, because, guess what, you will own that solution, and even more enlightening - that's how you get rich!
You can sit there and whine, and blame 'other people,' or you could open the window to your wealth of opportunities, and start living the ideal life filled with passion and fortunes. Hey, it's right in front of you !! //

PS: Thanks to photographer Johann Marx for a brilliant photoshoot on Saturday - and the great people I met there (Candy, Nici, Daniel, Lysle) and my mates who joined in as well - TJ & Chris! What a shoot. For more, check out Johann's website:
Please join the group 'CSA Models South Africa' on Facebook. All the support appreciated.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ABS abs abs!!!

The 'winning recipe' for abs get told so many times over - and we see Men's Health covers painted in headlines about the 'perfect abs' - all the time! It's probably the most requested query, the most wanted group of muscles, the most adored part of any guy's body. Your stomach is either that of washboard abs, or you have a very unwelcome layer of fat. See, for most of us guys, unfortunately, this is where our fat gets stuck first. Not our bums, not in the neck, or thighs, no, no, always, straight for the stomach area!! Sure it frustrates us, because, very often, no matter how hard you train, or which supplements you take, you just can't get that perfect 6-pack. Or 8-pack. Lol. Even big muscled guys struggle with this - because, as you might know, getting bigger means you have to add weight first, then go through the strenuous experience of cutting the extra weight down again, and ripping open the muscles to appear sculpted.
My personal experience? Fix your diet first - consume foods that don't contain bad fats - watch out for good fats - and keep it lean when buying food.
80% of what I look like is based on what I eat.
Once you have that right, then you have to follow a few simple guidelines too. And Men's Health UK has set out a few of them:

  • 07:00 Wake up to water

  • Drink at least half a litre of chilled H2O as soon as you wake. Muscles grow faster when hydrated and German scientists found drinking this amount at dawn boosts your metabolism by 24% for 90 minutes. Providing more energy for them to ‘bags' those early sun loungers.
  • 07:15 30 crunches

  • Keep your knees bent and feet an inch off the floor.
  • 08:00 Pack on protein with microwave omelettes

  • Blend two eggs with a tablespoon of diced onion and nuke for 2½ mins.
  • 10:00 Grab a snack of raisins or a banana

  • ...with a black coffee. Carbs and caffeine refuel your muscle glycogen levels 34% faster than carbs alone. It's not called an espresso for nothing.
  • 12:00 Attack fat with a lunchtime cardio session

  • Run at 40% of your max to warm up for 2 mins, then 95% of your max for 30 seconds. Drop to 40% again for 90 seconds – repeat these intervals 7 times.
  • 13:30 Fill up with a salad

  • ...of black beans, peppers, tomatoes, onion and sweetcorn, along with a simple home-made olive oil and lemon dressing. This encourages fat-burning while avoiding the trans fats found in shop-bought options.
  • 16:00 Have a drink at your desk

  • Sadly not a beer: it needs to be a 250ml whey powder smoothie, taken 90 minutes before your evening workout, so you digest it fully but still fuel your muscles.
  • 17:30 Get in 30 mins more cardio

  • ...then crunches and a plank combo move, says Matt McGorry, Peak Performance trainer ( "A front, left-side and then right-side plank forces you to contract all your abs for long intervals."
  • 21:30 10 close hand push-ups

  • You've got time for 3 sets. Don't slack now.
  • 22:30 Hit the sack to unveil your pack

  • University of Chicago scientists found staying up late causes muscle cells to become insulin resistant – leading to fat storage around your belly. After a full day's workout your stomach muscles need ample time to grow for show.