Thursday, April 30, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane ...

Wow, it's been a rather relaxed month, with so many public holidays, what a pleasure! haha! 
But in the back of my mind I'm 'day dreaming' again and wondering how life would be in a different city, in another country.  Say, New York, or Los Angeles, or London?  Those are probably my top 3 cities, especially working as a TV producer/model/presenter, etc.  However, sometimes things happen and make us stay (and perhaps stagnate) in one place.  Most people are comfortable staying in one place for the majority of their lives.  And, I think, I'm one of them.   Does a place really make you stay there, or is it actually the people?  When I studied in Grahamstown (Eastern Cape, South Africa), I thought of staying there for a long time.  The reason being, I had such a great group of friends, and we had the best time!  As soon as we graduated, and most of them started leaving, the town became dull and uninteresting.  I missed my friends, and I wanted to leave immediately.  Now, I'm getting that same longing again.  That sense of needing change, in order to find fulfillment.  Question is, am I just looking for greener pastures and hoping the world will be prettier and nicer somewhere far away?  The experienced and romantics have told me, my dear, life is not always better on the other side of the fence. And running away from problems or challenges don't help either!
However, a change challenges the mind & body, and often makes us so much stronger!  I will most certainly consider my change... perhaps I need it.  Right now I feel a little unsure, uninspired, lost/lonely, and directionless.  Will a change, a move to another country change this? Really?  I'll have to consider very, very carefully!  :(

Friday, April 24, 2009

Nou Veau Vision International's Ambassador!

I was chosen as Nou Veau Vision International's Male Ambassador!!  If you'd like to check it out, go to their website or click on this link:

Thanks!! ;) 

Fitness= inspiration!

Happy Friday!!  Elections are finished and now we're faced with the results... I reckon that we should be grateful that things are stable and the majority of citizens are satisfied with the outcome.  Anything else might have caused an uproar!  At least, seemingly, now there's peace!          (hehe... for how long we dunno)
Anyway, back to things that really matter, like you're health!  I must admit with winter heading towards us, faster than a melting ice cap, getting up early in the morning for gym is a real mission!  In fact, in winter I often prefer training over lunch, or in the afternoon.  By that time your body should have extra fuel from breakfast & mid-morning snacks.  Normally this makes training later in the day less of a struggle.   And trust me, training throughout winter will make you feel a lot stronger and inspired.  You'll be craving hot soup with ciabatta toast, sweet hot chocolate, delicious pizza in front of the TV with a movie when it's freezing cold outside, and you won't long for gym!  But making the effort will pay off when spring comes around, and when you need to be ready for summer again!
 In the meanwhile, I can't wait for the imminent arrival of the new Golf 6 GTi - pictured here at the World Launch in New York.  The VW Golf 6 was also crowned the World Car of the Year. 
VW invited me to the South African launch of the Golf 6, which takes place in Bryanston, Johannesburg, tomorrow.  Can't wait!  Will report back with pics!!
 Have an awesome long weekend... in South Africa it will be 2 long weekends in a row... woohooo!!!  :) :) 

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sad & Blue ...

This was a very 'contrasting' weekend for me... tough, yet, filled with joy!  On Saturday morning I became very ill with some form of glandular fever, and i spent the rest of Sat & the whole of Sunday in bed, with the worst fever imaginable!  With the right food (or no food, and just water) one can actually doctor yourself and heal from it (naturally!).  Today I feel much better, but still not 100%.  Apparently, when the immune system is functioning right, it uses symptoms such as fever, headaches, pains, etc to show that it's trying to heel the body from the imbalance caused by toxins.  Mostly, the body will cure itself if you give it the right food.  When we suppress these symptoms by taking more than a dozen different pills, we just increase the amount of toxic waste in the body, and this (in a very summarized nutshell) is how cancers are triggered and created.  Of course, it's far more complex than that, and so many different scenarios to thoroughly explain it here.  In any case, I would investigate in good food and natural 'medication' first, before taking the last resort of a Doctor or hospital.  
Now, the happy news!  My brother of 25 and his wife became the proud parents of a healthy, 3.2kg baby boy on Saturday!   With dark hair, olive skin and good genes, I'm sure he'll make the family proud!  
Finally, always remember to keep a good balance!  Eating vegetables everyday might seem like something I enjoy, but trust me, I honestly balance this with more appealing foods, and good times here and there!  Then you really enjoy life!! ;) 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The frustrations!!!

I'm just really frustrated this morning, urrgghh!!   And sometimes one can't explain why you are frustrated, you just are.   Whether it's a relationship (or lack thereof!), or traffic, friends, work, being sick, whatever, it really gets one's mood boiling on the wrong side of the thermostat... grrrr... And you can sense that i'm not having a good morning , i feel like crying , not from being sad, but being so bloody mad!!!!  
And my goal of bulking up weight for extra muscles is not exactly taking shape (excuse the pun!)  Not sure if my motivation is not right, or I'm just not pushing hard enough. Damn!  And why the hell do we have to look so good anyway???  ... because it makes good pictures, which clients prefer, because it looks better, because it's healthier (?), because, because, because...
Anyway, i'm healthy and privileged, so i have to be grateful for the small things in life. Whether people will appreciate me for who i am, is debatable, and does not always happen, and life can get very lonely, but then you have to look at what you have, make use of it, and cement your way up to the highest part of your towering goals & dreams!!!  Damn, it's frustrating!!!   ;) 

Beauty? Good looks? Why does it play such a big role?

My question today is, What does beauty, and good looks really mean?  Sometimes we see couples together and they are not equally 'good looking.'  Does this mean the unattractive person always seek someone better looking?  If it's true love, looks normally don't play a big role.  Understanding someone's personality, being attracted to someone's mindset, and being comfortable with someone, those things matter so much more than just hot looks.  And I hope that in my life, this will also be the case.  Sometimes we are obsessed with being good looking, muscled, and we forget the smaller things in life, such as appreciating people around us, for who they are.   However, being healthy & fit should be motivating, and inspiring!  Looking good makes one feel good.  If your partner is "obsessed" about gym, then perhaps join her/him and don't feel left out.  You'll see, good looks will fade, but being healthy & fit will stay with you forever!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter!!

It's chocolate bunny time again, lol!  Just wanted to say happy easter and travel safe!!  Quick underwear shot for you, again, hehe, but this time showing more leg ...  ;) 

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Goodday ya'll !!!!

So the weather change is really making my nose itch...urggghh... but it's all good I reckon!!!  Just got confirmation today that I can join a JHB branch of Virgin Active for only R65 per month... because of my medical aid connection (Oxygen Medical Aid, through Old Mutual). If you are with them, check it out, since I only heard via someone else that this deal exists!!  It's totally awesome! Being at the right gym certainly makes a difference, trust me!

In terms of supplements, a good friend suggested that I start using Muscle Science's Anabolic Testo Stack again. I've used it before, and it helps with energy levels, and to push more weight at the gym.

From tomorrow I'll be starting a new course, at a new gym! Can't wait! 

Keep on pushing! And enjoy Easter (with loads of chocolates, and hot cross buns - and i'm not referring to anything derogatory LOL) !!!
Now, does it look like i need chocolate (hopefully from a really, sexy lady!!!  )  

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The car that's a legend!

hey there!!   Today I'm excited as I heard the next generation VW Golf GTi will be in South Africa in August! Whether I drive Mercedes, or BMW, this car will always be iconic!  And it's such a well refined machine!!  Check out the pix or browse  Hope you dig it as much as I do!  (Just one thing that bothers me - could they not at least change the wheel design?) Give your comments , tell me what you think!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Last few days in the pool!!

It's very clear that summer is kinda slipping away from us, in JHB the weather is changing hectically, so today, when it's still hot in here, I would recommend a dip in the pool, for one last time, hehe.  Enjoy the sunny weather while we can (cos friggen hell it rained a lot in Gauteng this past summer season) .
I'm currently pushing hard at gym to get the biceps & shoulders bigger - I train both of them twice a week.  Hopefully it'll bring everything into proportion.  A friend suggested I use Muscle Science Anabolic Testo Stack - hope that helps!!!
Enjoy the pool!!!  ;)