Monday, August 31, 2009


Sho! Haven't blogged in more than a week.... You can tell it's been hectic, but hey it's never a bad thing to be busy!
Admittedly I can say that certain things did not quite work out the way I was hoping however the good thing about 'rejection' is that one can always have a fresh look at yourself, and re-evaluate your strengths (and weaknesses). A new start! And if you're confidant in who/what you are, why worry about being rejected. Daily chores and office duties can be hell of a frustrating, and when you don't get to the point where you are completely satisfied with your job (or what you do on a daily basis), then I guess, look for new opportunities - let people know. Talk about it. Get yourself noticed. And lastly, I honestly believe, hard work and dedication (especially to refining your skills and talents), will always pay off! Invest in yourself, invest in your finances (save! save!) and stay away from bad debts (in more ways than one, never ever hold grudges), and finally, live for the day you have right now, for no one knows what tomorrow will bring!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Friday!!!!

LOL, that is probably my fav saying...bwahahaha! Everyone will agree, a Friday has a different vibe about it (especially on a day like today in JHB, when it's sunshine, blue skies... although a little winter chill is still around, I still think the weather is great!)...

I have to say big-ups to my mate Rudi for offering to help with training tips & actually training with me on occasion... It really makes a difference having someone train with you who KNOW what they're doing! I had an awesome chest workout this morning with my main man Rudi and I can feel it! (I'll probably feel it more tomorrow morning, haha!) If you're like me, and need to bulk up, and build bigger muscles, it certainly helps to find a gym buddy that can spot you - specifically when doing chest exercises. You can often go much heavier if you have someone to spot you. It will help. Also, get a pre-workout drink, like a creatine mix, so that you don't go weak half-way through your session! (see pic, after gym session this morning!).
Then, later today I'm off to see the first media preview of the new James Cameron movie, "Avatar" which is billed as 'the most expensive movie ever made" (since it's also going to be in 3D which requires special equipment, editing and some scenes to be shot several angles over).
Have a friggen awesome weekend, but don't forget that Monday morning you don't wanna regret anything, aight!!! :) XX.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

There will come a time in your life when things seem unsure, unfair, and you don't know where to find answers and solutions. You feel lost and alone, not able to hold onto the strength in your heart that normally guides your motivation & inspiration. It's ironic how the bad things happen at once... as if they follow in sync. People find you temperamental, and moody, and the best way to describe your own mood is, depressing. On the exterior, life is, seemingly, great! You are privileged, healthy, and have supportive friends, yet, you are unhappy with the way things are going. Being strong and confidant that there is a way out, that there is a solution, that things will change, and that you will find happiness again, are extremely crucial in these times.
The problem is not with self-doubt, it is often about the realization that, maybe, you are not supposed to do what you are doing. That you fooled yourself, thinking that you could do it, that you have what it takes... but maybe you don't. Maybe you are not really that good looking, or that talented, or that smart, or that vocally brilliant, etc, etc... Is that self-doubt, or just being honest with yourself about what your true strengths really are? Crying in a helpless state of uncertainty and feeling sorry for yourself will be part of the process of just getting through it. Then, it's the challenge of believing in yourself again, picking up the pieces, alone in your own world, and fighting this "game," no matter what it takes. The "game" is called survival of the fittest. It's like that saying in the TV industry, 'if you can't take the heat in the kitchen, then fuck off!" Harsh, but such is life. In the rush & obsession for fame, fortune, success and that 'perfect, beautiful life,' we forget that we need to love and be loved on our way to get there. Else, that fame & fortune will end up in tears and dismay. Staying grounded, and not infatuated, that is the real challenge. As bad as this day was for me, it's in my heart that I know, the truth to my own life lies, and it's really up to me, only me, to make it, or break it.
Never stop believing in yourself.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The smell of freshly baked bread...

I've said it before, but (1 of) the best feeling(s) in the world, is enjoying a goooooood meal , AFTER gym! Loading those carbs & protein back into the system, nothing beats it! Then, one step better, is to walk into a Fournos Bakery on a chilly JHB morning, and smell the freshly baked bread... with a cappuccino to go! That's the life! Haha! Monday mornings always have that anticipation about it... I've written about that before, but the stress sometimes turns into a sense of excitement! That is, if you have a secured job, or feel confident on where you are in life. Bottom line is to know what your plan is - you don't have to know the outcome, or worry about the negative vibes that surround life, just know YOUR plan!
Kapish. Gotta run, TV production duties calling!!
PS: I trained my chest this morning - always the most fun for me, lol. Pics below, taken after this morning's session.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Friday!!!!

It's the weekend baby!! Weather looks good in JHB and tomorrow I have a huge bachelor party to attend.. gonna be huge! Hmmm, party time!! In the meanwhile, don't forget you can still vote for me in the 2 contests running right now, I'm a finalist for Heat Manwatch, as well as the 2009 Cleo Bachelor of the Year competition! For Heat, SMS 'Johan' to 34976, for CLEO SMS 'Johan' to 35915! And, thank you!
Hope you have a safe & blessed weekend!!
Pic Below: With Lauren at a movie premiere -those are always fun - free food & free booze, and a free movie!! Woohooo!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

V-Entertainment with G.I. JOE !!!

Whazzzup!! Another quick update - you can tell that things are real hectic at work - but this time I just needed to say that I can't wait for this movie to open... actually wanna go check it out tomorrow. It's billed as one of the biggest blockbusters for 2009 (except James Cameron's Avatar which is opening over Christmas, which will be the most expensive movie ever made, albeit in 3D!!) We are featuring some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage on our show that I co-produce tonight, V-ENTERTAINMENT, 19.00 CAT on VUZU (DSTV, channel 123).
If you got nothing planned for this weekend, at least go check this movie out! I know I will!!! :)
Happy thursday!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pump up da Bass!!!! Pump it up!!

Ahoy!! Just a quick update on gym... Had a good session this morning - was up early, and it didn't even feel that cold (in JHB it feels like spring is already here..woohoo!) I'm trying hard to push on the arms, I have to!! (See pics below from gym!)
Anyway, hope your day is looking on the bright side!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Finally!! Back in the gym!!!

Heyyyy!!!! Gosh it feels good to be back in the 'swing' of things... lol. After feeling really sick for a few days, and then better, but still weak, I finally managed to be back in the gym this morning!! Back to my old self, and, believe it or not, one's body actually needs to rest (and if you don't, it will force you by making you feel "ill"). I actually felt a little stronger this morning!
Now, for anyone who believes that training non-stop will make you stay in shape, do yourself a favour and buy the latest TIME magazine (pic inserted) and read their findings on the relationship between food/diet and exercise. Something I've always contested is the fact that training hard does not actually assist in shaping your body, instead, EATING right is more like it! And now scientists are uncovering the hardcore facts! Fixing up your diet, is more important than training intensely! However, the difference comes with building extra muscle and bulking up. You won't build muscle if you don't train them correctly either! But the key here is, feeding AND resting your body/muscles in order to create the perfectly shaped body. I'm far from building the perfect shape of a body, but to me health & fitness is far more important than pushing your body, pumping it with steroids, draining your organs and stretching it to the limit, just to look a certain way. Building it naturally, but in a clever way, will create similar results and you're not undermining your health (and causing it to collapse when you turn older).
It's a Monday today, with the bonus of a shorter week...woohooo!!! Have a blessed day!

(Check out the latest TIME magazine!)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rejection is the name of the game!

Whether you'd like to be a famous actor, or TV presenter, or supermodel... along the route to achieving success, you will be rejected many times. The harder you fight, and the bigger your dreams, the more the rejections.
At varsity I was told by a lecturer that I could never work in TV (I specialized in radio & newspaper journalism), however in September this year I will have worked for 5 years in television, learning everything there is to know about producing exciting TV shows!
I was often laughed at for having a lot of pimples at school and looking extremely unattractive. When I was 16, I traveled to Europe with 49 other scholars as part of a tour similar to those organised by 'Contiki.'
My dream trip to some of Europe's most beautiful cities turned really lonely & horrible when my face decided to become a badly mashed-up pizza and I experienced the worst case of acne!
I was thrown with snow balls in Switzerland for being the 'loser' of the group (just because I was too scared to speak to anyone due to my facial appearance). In Austria the entire contents of my travel bag was sprayed with shaving cream and condoms filled with toothpaste. Yeah, it was easy to make fun of me, since everyone joined in. I don't remember a single person that actually spoke to me without being set-up by someone else to ask a derogatory question. Playing practical jokes on a fellow classmate and having a fun time seem like regular activities for teenagers. But when you are being told how "ugly" you look and how "pathetic" you are (simply for appearing weak and out of place), then jokes start to burn deep inside your heart.
I have never hated a group of people so much as this group. But today, I know that it's also realistic to understand where they were coming from. I forgive them for being silly teenagers. Perhaps, if I was one of the good-looking, 'buff', jocks I'd also have joked with the 'ugly' weak- link in the group. But today I realise, this trip taught me never to call someone ugly, or be mean to someone that's not as strong, or good-looking, or successful, as me. It is something my parents taught me - never ever think that you're better than someone else. The moment you do, your weakness will show.
Being rejected like this, will probably happen again. And it has. Sometimes people tell me that I'm not as good-looking as someone else, yeah, so what. I have qualities that someone else can't ever boast about. Life is hard when you feel weak inside your heart, because you compare yourself to others. This is my challenge. My story. I have to ensure that the good parts are also written, but without my strong will, determination, perseverance, and love in my heart for loving myself and my life, nothing good will ever come of it.
Stay strong. Be yourself.

Pic: Doing something I really loved at varsity - presenting a music radio show (on Rhodes Music Radio, 2000 - 2003).

Monday, August 3, 2009

Accept yourself first!!!!

The only truth to anyone's heart, is the truth of being yourself. For some of us, notably myself too, it's not always easy to simply accept who we are. I compare myself to other people, especially those that have succeeded in this industry, or, those that are admired by many - and then find that I 'lack' in so many regards that I might as well give up. Then, when I 'give up' and say, 'nah, it's not for me, I don't have it,' at that moment, I give someone else a chance to the door that would have opened so many others! I simply can't let it happen! I have to tell myself every single day - since, after all, rejection is part of the game. And, yes, sure, many people don't need to be inspired, but many of us just give up too easily. Perseverance! However, I think the problem often lies within ourselves and not really the inability to work hard for our goals & dreams. It's that issue of being jealous, of comparing yourself to others, of trying to be someone else, and ultimately failing since you're not happy inside, and not being yourself. Be honest with yourself - then, once you've shed this burden, you'll find it so much more satisfying to wake up everyday. At ease with who you are inside. I have to find the right 'spots' and nail them right on the head! Each of us carry different spots and can be successful in our own regard... now, let's go get em tiger!!!!!! Grrrr!!! :) LOL

PS: I found this pic on my laptop, taken during my Summer 2007 trip to the Spanish island just off Madrid called Mallorca. Good times!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's raining in paradise!

Ahoy! I'm writing from a very rainy JHB .... I say, let's cuddle up, get a DVD and make some steamy soup...haha! It's the time of the season where we can feast ourselves, surely! I'm still recovering from a little flu bug I caught earlier this week (although, feeling much better!). Watched 7 Pounds last night (Will Smith)... amazing movie! Sometimes, giving back, doing something for someone, goes quite a distance! (And if you feel down in the dumps, remember, the darkest hour is before the dawn).
On another note, almost all my friends have started reading the 'Twilight' books - by Stephenie Meyer. A thrashing success for this author and now the second movie is due to be released ("New Moon"). Hmmm... maybe I should start reading these books too! Off to the bookstore then...