Monday, April 4, 2011

My new blogsite!

I will be writing my blogs from a new site as of today. Kindly log onto for the latest blogs, pictures and video clips. Appreciate the support!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Water vs Coke

Nutritionists have spoken about the 'dangers' of popular soft drinks, and Coke is no exception. There's an article doing the rounds online called 'Coke vs Water' which I cross-checked with my dietician, and she supports all the points being made.

(Author Unknown)
About Water:

  1. One glass of water will shut down midnight hunger pangs for almost 100% of the dieters studied in a University of Washington study.
  2. Lack of water, the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue.
  3. Preliminary research indicates that 8-10 glasses of water a day could significantly ease back and joint pain for up to 80% of sufferers.
  4. A mere 2% drop in body water can trigger fuzz short-term memory, trouble with basic math, and difficulty focusing on the computer screen or on a printed page.
  5. Drinking 5 glasses of water daily decreases the risk of colon cancer by 45%, plus it can slash the risk of breast cancer by 79%, and one is 50% less likely to develop bladder cancer.
About Coke:

  1. In many states (in the USA) the highway patrol carries two gallons of coke in the truck to remove blood from the highway after a car accident. (Unproven, however, it is reasonable to assume that it's true since phosphoric acid can dissolve rust and grease and was used by the steel industry to clean products.)
  2. You can put a T-bone steak in a bowl of Coke and it will be gone in two days. (Unproven, but fun to consider.)
  3. To clean a toilet: Pour a can of Coca-Cola into the toilet bowl and let the "real thing" sit for one hour, then flush clean. (Source:, the popular household hint guru Mary Ellen says some coke in the toilet for an hour can do the trick.)
  4. The citric acid in Coke removes stains from vitreous China. (Source: Columnist Heloise)
  5. To remove rust spots from chrome car bumpers: Rub the bumper with a rumpled-up piece of Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil dipped in Coca-Cola. (Source: According to Joey Greene's )
  6. To clean corrosion from car battery terminals: Pour a can of Coca-Cola over the terminals to bubble away the corrosion. (This is true of a lot of carbonated beverages.)
  7. To loosen a rusted bolt: Applying a cloth soaked in Coca-Cola to the rusted bolt for several minutes. (, the popular household hint guru Mary Ellen)
  8. To bake a moist ham: Empty a can of Coca-Cola into the baking pan, wrap the ham in aluminum foil, and bake. Thirty minutes before the ham is finished, remove the foil, allowing the drippings to mix with the Coke for a sumptuous brown gravy.
  9. To remove grease from clothes: Empty a can of coke into a load of greasy clothes, add detergent, and run through a regular cycle. The Coca-Cola will help loosen grease stains. (Source:, the popular household hint guru Mary Ellen)
  10. Coke will also clean road haze from your windshield. (Unproven, however, it is reasonable to assume that it's true since phosphoric acid can dissolve rust and grease and was used by the steel industry to clean products.)
  11. The active ingredient in Coke is phosphoric acid. Its pH is 2.8. It will dissolve a nail in about 4 days (Unproven). Phosphoric acid also leaches calcium from bones and is a major contributor to the rising increase in osteoporosis (Source: UC Davis Health System).
The most obvious problem with Coke is of course the high sugar content. Also, keep in mind that most soft/fizzy drinks have phosphoric acid, so this would not just apply to Coke.
I stopped drinking these liquids almost 4 years ago. And I would agree to each and every benefit that water gives over soft drinks. However, keep in mind that there are 'superior' liquids than simply just having clean H2O.
Organic Chinese Green Tea, Cinnamon Tea (made from fresh cinnamon bark), Ginger Tea (made from freshly cut ginger pieces); and 'EM' water - these liquids actually flush toxins from your body and restores balance.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

'The highly effective habits of millionaires'

My brother sent me this article earlier today, courtesy CNBC:

These 'highly effective habits of millionaires' are tips that I consistently see when reading about successful people. If so many pieces of advice are repeated, there has to be logical reasoning behind it. And, by the way, reading about successful people is already a start if you are trying to be successful yourself. Whether that means being rich, or happy with your life, your job, the people that surround you, or just being generally satisfied with the world you live in.

Start by paying yourself first. The article states: "The average millionaire household saved over $39,000 last year, and plans to save the same or more this year." The minute that you receive income, put it into a savings account first. Before any other debit orders go off, or before buying anything with that money. Most of us spend the money first, and by the time something is left over, you feel that you don't have enough to save.

The other important discipline is managing your time. In the article it's written: "Millionaires only have 24 hours in a day, just like the rest of us. What separates them from us is time management. While the rest of us go home and flop on the couch in front of the TV, the wealthy are reading and doing things that contribute to their success."
It continues by citing examples of millionaires like Bill Gates (Microsoft), Steve Jobs (Apple) and Warren Buffet (Berkshire Hathaway), who spent hours 'after-work' refining their skills by reading, researching, and doing extra groundwork. Ultimately this resulted in being a cut above the rest.

In the same manner as applying discipline to your health/training routine, or your day-job, the same should be applicable to your wealth. Else, it will never change!

Wishing you a very productive and blessed day!

Friday, March 11, 2011

No Strings Attached

One of my movie screenings last week included the new Ashton Kutcher/Natalie Portman feature called 'No Strings Attached.' (The movie is releasing in South Africa on Friday, 1 April).

I have been in a similar situation as the main characters of the movie. You meet someone and feel physically attracted. Sexually you enjoy each other's company, but refuse to start a relationship.
However, being physically involved with someone creates a shared 'energy' if you like, and falling in love is really unavoidable.
I find it fascinating to hear that some people actually do maintain a 'no-strings-attached' relationship. Perhaps one of the two people in such a 'bond' just ignores the real sensation of loving someone, and chooses not to have a fully fletched relationship. Whether you believe it is truly possible, or not, it's really hard to be sexually involved with someone without feeling 'more.'

In this movie it becomes clear that falling in love is inevitable. One of the messages though is not to change who you are. That being said, it is important to accept someone else for who they are. I think this is almost the most important aspect in a relationship. If you feel comfortable with yourself, you'll also be happy with the person you're with.

Go check the trailer of this movie:

The launch of PLAYBOY South Africa

I will post more images once they are available of what the first-ever South African playmate will look like of Playboy South Africa. The launch party is happening next week Thursday 17 March and we'll be shooting for our TV show 'V-Entertainment' on Vuzu TV ( and I'll be sure to take some pictures for Twitter and to blog.
*Excited :);)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

'Trend Frenzy' online magazine

The online magazine hosted on "issuu" called 'Trend Frenzy' is currently running an interview with me, featuring some pictures from my portfolio.

Click on the main image on the site, and browse to page 58.

Monday, March 7, 2011

New pictures from shoot

I had a photoshoot with photographer Daniel David last week. More shots to be posted soon. Here are 2 sample shots. Please visit his site here:

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bieber Fever

There was a little frenzy on my Twitter profile when I blurted out that I really enjoyed the Justin Bieber documentary 'Never Say Never.' Also, I have new-found respect for the chap! Which, perhaps implies, that I'm officially a 'JB'-fan, or, popularly referred to (by his fans) as a 'Belieber.'

I compared 'JB' to a young Michael Jackson, because, in the movie you'll clearly see how a baby-Bieber starts to improvise with rhythm to the beat of music. It is the natural, raw, instinctual talent that only a few people have. And Michael Jackson had the same gift - from a young age. Of course, being stimulated musically from the day they were born helped both guys to acquire an appreciation of music. It is rare to have such a gift for music. And it makes sense to me that these kinds of people get discovered, and succeed, when they are still very young! In the Justin Bieber movie you'll clearly learn that he wasn't just another 'pop' product that was 'manufactured' into making more money for the big-boss execs! In fact, it is pointed out that they (the 'bosses') initially showed no interest in signing him, because they believed he should be part of Nickelodeon or the Disney channel-shows. They did not see a "platform" for him. And, again, my argument about raw/real talent is relevant. This dream of being discovered had to much to do with ensuring his 'gift' gets 'delivered' if you will to people of the world.
Ignore the immature, screaming, teenage girls that want to "marry" him and are "in love" with him, etc , and of course, ignore the commercial machine that is hyping his soft-cock pop-crap-music... (I can't help to also remember the screaming girls whenever MJ was around).
I choose to look past this, because he has to make music that will sell to 13-year old pubescent teenagers. However, the documentary showed me the musical genius that he is, and will continue to be. In any case, it seems there are several 'Bieber-haters' who I believe simply don't know his background, or realise what he is really made of. Sure, if his pop-music chords are annoying, that is a matter of taste (not everyone loved Michael Jackson either).
Another striking aspect of the movie - if you are able to read between the lines - is that the kid never hesitated to try and let people hear his music - performing on a street corner, in church, community meetings, a local restaurant, and so on. Point is, most of us sit on our talents. We wait for something to happen. Like the Nedbank TV ad explains - YOU have to make things happen!
Criticise the kid, and his music, all you like. But, at least, go see the movie first. Then, decide what to do. Lol. It's about understanding things that are not directly obvious in what we see/read/hear in the media. And grasping the genius of (some) people.

Cheers to Bieber!! ;)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Business 101

I have learnt valuable business advice simply from reading books that are written by successful people. It helps. One of my idols is Donald Trump.
Here are a few points from his book 'Think Big.'

Be a doer not a dreamer.
'Passion is more important than brains or talent. I have seen some really talented, brainy people fail because of lack of passion. They always seem to have great new ideas [...] but they never do anything about them,' (46/2008).

'The formula of knowledge is the best way to learn because learning from someone else's mistakes is faster and easier than making them yourself,' (63/2008).

'Good luck happens when opportunity meets preparation;'
'A lot of people look at successful people and do not see anything but the end result. They do not see all the work that went into getting there,' (116/2008).

'What can you do to establish momentum? To get momentum, you must first focus on a specific goal with passion and intensity (...) 'Pick something you are good at or have the ability to become good at. Start your momentum rolling by becoming very knowledgeable about your chosen field,' (209/2008).

'Anyone can do things that are easy. It is rare to find people who can tackle big challenges. If you do, you stand out from the crowd. I have found that if something is too easy, it is not usually even worth doing. Lots of other people are already doing it, and there usually is not much profit in the easy jobs.' (215/2008).

'If you ever get into deep difficulty, always focus on the things that make you feel better. Sure, handle the bad stuff you have to deal with, but do not let it demoralize you or distract you from pursuing your goals.' (229/2008).

'If you want to become successful and stay successful, you must learn how to focus; '...the key to making this system work is discipline,' (235/2008).

Those inspired me to work harder and never lose sight of my goals.
Hope it helps you too.

Have a blessed day!

Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 Hooray!!!

My first day at work in 2011 arrived, and it felt like I never went away! The same old mixture of politics, admin, and mission-of-getting-things-done. However, I'm truly blessed and happy in what I do.
Over the holidays I've read a few books as well. One of which being 'The Facebook Effect.' It's inspiring to read about others' success, and how they stick to their plan, no matter how tough things get, or how hard it might be to achieve that first bit of success!
It is my goal for 2011, to have a plan, to write it down, and refine it every single day. It's the least we can do: write down what we'd like, read it every single day, re-write it if necessary, but just think about it everyday. When you read about successful people's stories, you'll find that every single successful person had to face the prospect of failing, being criticized, and being alone, at some point or another. But more than that, they all had a plan, and worked at this plan every single day. You can't organise your life, if you don't have a plan. And you may revisit your plan again, and again, and again.
The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, created several forerunners before he came up with 'The Facebook.'
We all need to do that!
My passion is nutrition, and I always think that a healthy body will manifest a healthy mindset. They work well together. If you focus on being healthy, being disciplined to eat healthy, and exercise, you'll feel more energised to do things.
In 2011 I want to study something that teaches me even more about nutrition, I want to help people understand the importance of food, and diet, and provide guidance.
There is nothing more rewarding for me when someone takes good advice, put in enough effort, and see the results from a healthy diet & exercise plan.
Have a plan for 2011, and you'll most certainly see the rewards.
Being organised in this manner immediately attracts prosperity and success. Just try it!
Make a list tonight of everything you'd like to have: money, health, fitness level, partner, cars, house, holidays, etc
Then make a list of things you need to do, in order to achieve that level of success.
Also, don't forget to count your blessings. Be grateful for what you have, and ensure that you are thanking people in your life, and saying thanks to what you have.
Best wishes for 2011!

*PS: Attached: a few snapshots from holiday over December.
(The young baby boy in the picture is my brother's kid.)