Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Business 101

I have learnt valuable business advice simply from reading books that are written by successful people. It helps. One of my idols is Donald Trump.
Here are a few points from his book 'Think Big.'

Be a doer not a dreamer.
'Passion is more important than brains or talent. I have seen some really talented, brainy people fail because of lack of passion. They always seem to have great new ideas [...] but they never do anything about them,' (46/2008).

'The formula of knowledge is the best way to learn because learning from someone else's mistakes is faster and easier than making them yourself,' (63/2008).

'Good luck happens when opportunity meets preparation;'
'A lot of people look at successful people and do not see anything but the end result. They do not see all the work that went into getting there,' (116/2008).

'What can you do to establish momentum? To get momentum, you must first focus on a specific goal with passion and intensity (...) 'Pick something you are good at or have the ability to become good at. Start your momentum rolling by becoming very knowledgeable about your chosen field,' (209/2008).

'Anyone can do things that are easy. It is rare to find people who can tackle big challenges. If you do, you stand out from the crowd. I have found that if something is too easy, it is not usually even worth doing. Lots of other people are already doing it, and there usually is not much profit in the easy jobs.' (215/2008).

'If you ever get into deep difficulty, always focus on the things that make you feel better. Sure, handle the bad stuff you have to deal with, but do not let it demoralize you or distract you from pursuing your goals.' (229/2008).

'If you want to become successful and stay successful, you must learn how to focus; '...the key to making this system work is discipline,' (235/2008).

Those inspired me to work harder and never lose sight of my goals.
Hope it helps you too.

Have a blessed day!

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