Thursday, May 27, 2010

I have to write today and trust that the process of getting these thoughts off my chest will prove therapeutic.
It is very upsetting when you beat yourself down, feel inferior and insecure, because other people don't like you, or don't treat you in the way you think is worthy of fair exchange. We start hating our-little-selves when other people - that we really like - treat us differently from how we hoped they would. If you try and impress someone that you love, and go out of your way, it often ends badly since you have an expectation to receive the same treatment.
Now, firstly, you should never expect anyone to give you exactly what you give them. Secondly, if you have an imbalanced relationship, then don't bend over backwards and expect to get the same in return. Accept that you are a good person, with great attributes, and that someone will come along and appreciate you for the person you are. Just like you should feel about people you like. It's not worth the feelings of insecurity, or depression, when people don't really appreciate you. If they don't see the good things you do for them, then it shouldn't make you feel terrible about yourself, rather make peace with the fact that you've done everything you could to be a great friend/person, and stop beating yourself down. We need to love people for who they are, and never expect anything in return. This selfless attitude needs plenty discipline, but it's honestly the most rewarding and successful approach in life. Love, and you will be loved.
PS: I can't help but to post this image again of me and our family dog Simba. Dogs don't hold regrets and it doesn't matter how crazy-mad you get at them, they will still love you and protect you regardless. Always. Unconditional love. We can learn from them!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Reasoning behind "The Plan!"

I would like to use a very simple example to explain my reasoning behind having a "plan" in life.
When you need something specific from the shopping mall - say, you need a broom for the house - then you drive there with the plan to buy a broom. You might have an idea of the type of broom, price range, what your budget will allow and a few other options too (which shop has the best selection; hard brush/soft brush; etc). Your main plan (A), therefore, is to buy a broom. Your options are your plans B and C. Wouldn't you agree that driving to the mall with this in mind, helps the process of only looking for that specific item. Of course, once you get to the mall, you might be distracted by a clothing store, a music store or the like. This is where discipline comes in: giving yourself a time limit; and very specific plan to only focus on buying the broom. If you stick to what you set out to do, it will be a quick, efficient and successful task, completed.

The analogy between buying a broom at the shopping mall and the human recipe for success is very important. The underlying message is also to have discipline, however, it starts with the plan. If you can create a "to-do list" for the mall, then why can't you make one for your own life. If you can organise your day at the office, then why can't you organise how you'd like to achieve your goals & dreams. It really boils down to the same principle: planning. And discipline. But start with the plan. And don't just think it, or say it, WRITE it down, damn! It couldn't have been easier, yet so few of us actually do this!
My tips on writing your plan should include these steps:

* Write down 5 things that you currently do/are involved with in your life;
* Adjacent to this list, list those that you currently enjoy the most, with the first one being ranked the highest in terms of fulfillment;
* Then, make a list of the 5 things you wish to be doing and don't currently do;
* Finally, a list of 5 ways to achieve the 5 things you wish you'd rather be doing;
From these lists, you should have a better understanding of what you NEED to be doing with your life in order to ENJOY your life again.
The next step is to add a time frame to each activity. An action plan that is linked to a disciplined process.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Never accept anything at face value!

I enjoy reading new studies about food, nutrition, health, and quantum physics. For example, I am fascinated by how nutrition works! I am consistently intrigued by new studies, often scientifically based, about food, and how humans react to it. Our biological interactions - blood chemistry - with food is so vital in understanding our health, that you simply cannot ignore the writings and research on this subject.
I have learnt a few years back that microwave ovens are extremely damaging to the food you put in it. Now, if you still don't think so, read this article:

On a more positive note: I've had a very successful shoot for Barron clothing (Kevro); for their 2010/11 catalogue. This will be launched by August this year, and there will be a fashion show where you'd be able to check us out as well.
In the meanwhile, don't accept anything at face value; try and read both sides of any story, and read/research before you just do what 'everyone' says is right!

**Below, a picture of me with DJ Tiesto, taken after our interview for V_Entertainment/Vuzu. He played a special gig this past weekend in JHB, South Africa. Awesome!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Fitness Plan: STEP 1: Push-Ups

So, being a little smaller than other muscled guys, I have to revise a plan that focuses more on building my core muscle groups at a higher intensity. Since I don't take any major supplements or steroids, I do this the natural way, which takes a little longer. Yet, it can certainly be done!!

I've read several articles that emphasize the importance of body-weight exercises. This strengthens the muscle in a more natural form and is also referred to as resistance training.
The most important one being the press-up or push-up: Thanks to Men's Health UK for the 100-Press-Ups challenge. Check out /
I find the push-up the best type of exercise to do after waking up in the morning - right next to my bed. Then, off to gym, and finish my work-out with another 50 reps. It will burn and do you good!!

It starts with YOU

When you experience one of those frustrating days: horrible gym session; someone dear to you leaving you disappointed; personal relationships not turning out to be as happy (normal); and your good intentions or advice not being taken; well, then, you gotta look inside yourself (find the balance), and create an outcome. My biggest frustration is with slow progress: whether it be at my job; personal ideals & goals; gym (fitness); or getting to the next level in a relationship/ or perhaps expecting more from a relationship/or maybe looking for better solutions to tricky relationships. In the end, I have to settle for the way things unfold, naturally. Which, I will admit, often is the best option. It is stressful to try and speed things up. Don't bother. Instead, create opportunities and let this keep your mind occupied. Sitting and waiting for something to happen, or getting frustrated with your current situation, is a hopeless-scenario! And I'm partly talking to myself here. There's no point for me to complain of being unhappy (in any number of situations), if I ain't doing anything about it! Easier said than done. But seriously, it's like following a step-by-step guide on "how to change your life..." When most people only talk about their ideal life, only a few get to the grind and DO something about it. It's a disciplined, non-stop, hard-working, dedicated mission of note: staying true to your highest value(s). This means that you have to honour your highest priorities - the things you value the most (which should include what you really want to do in life).
Thanks again for BlondeZulu for picture above.