Tuesday, August 24, 2010

30 minute work-outs AND my daily diet!

I think I have found one of the best work-out programmes - and, of course, it all depends on what you prefer, or what your goal is.
Training twice a day for 30 minutes per session has certainly helped me to start pushing harder, and see better gains. Mornings are normally for cutting, and I never do any cardio, since I'm already lean and my goal is to bulk. After a full day of eating well, and enough, your body will have sufficient fuel to focus on heavier weights if you train later in the day/early evening again. It's imperative for me to go as heavy as possible, even if that means only doing 4 reps per set.
If you're in doubt as to what exactly you need to do; check out fitness websites - guys like Rob Riches, Scott Herman and several others write about (and create video clips) the correct form in gym.
Rob Riches:
Scott Herman:

My 30-minute work-outs are shorter than most sessions, but intense, and I can easily focus on specific muscle groups.
My daily diet consists of carb-loading foods- the ones that suit my digestive system (each person's will differ):
2x cups of brown rice, cooked
2 avo's
1 pk green beans
Lots of goat's cheese
Water / Ginger water

It really works for my - and I supplement with Salmon Oil and Zinc tablets.
No other supplements used right now.

My daily routine seems strange, but it's honestly helped me to build the right muscle, stay lean, and healthy. It's taken me since school - 1999 - to figure out a diet that works for my body. And no one can ever follow exactly the same diet as another person. However, by trial & error you will find the suitable plan that works for you - and stick to it!!
Best wishes!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

On my way, to Calvin Klein ...

Finally, a chance to write here again.
My Calvin Klein shoot is happening in September and I'm currently on a mission to build a little extra muscle (bulking) and get in top-shape for the shoot. (See pic attached from gym this morning).
My key focus areas include:
Arms (biceps/triceps); upper legs and shoulders.
Of course, in the process, I'd like to add more muscle to my upper chest as well.
I'm told dumbbell incline presses are the best to get them pumped!

On that note, please check out a friend's new Facebook group, and if you're in Cape Town, feel free to ask him for advice. Andri Joubert.

August is also a very exciting month with a few movie premieres that we're covering for our TV show. The most exciting being the release of the new A-Team movie. Starring a fellow South African (Sharlto Copley - "Wicus van der Merwe" from District 9). Then there's also Angelina Jolie's new release "Salt." On the 28th of Aug I'm traveling to Cape Town for my grandmother's 80th birthday - a momentous occasion (especially since she's been such a role model in my life, being a journalist herself). I'm very blessed to have a great family!

Will keep posting back regarding any new shoots coming up.