Thursday, July 30, 2009

Damn flu.... urrgghhh

So winter's almost over and here I am lying in bed, struck down by heavy flu... everyone gets ill and the common flu is rather annoying. Right now the best medicine is actually just to rest and let my body get rid of any toxins - on days like these liquids are good - cinnamon & ginger tea, mineral water, etc. I also eat lots of cauliflower to clean my pancreas, and broccoli to clean the liver. It's a horrible state to be in, but sometimes our bodies just shut down to say, 'hey, let's chill...' No training for me until next week probably! At least Saturday is pay-day that helps a little. In the meanwhile I hope you're still voting on the cleo bachelor website ( since competition is getting tougher by the day!
Hope ur day is awesome, while I'm in bed... hehe. This sucks, but gotta get thru it !!! :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Bulking up!

In a time when support & positive thinking proves to be a real challenge for me, I have to ask myself... what exactly are my goals? For now, and in terms of muscle training... it's most definitely to bulk up, train harder and achieve increased muscle growth. I'm doing it the natural way for now (not sure how long it'll take me), but geez man, it's tough! And broccoli forms such an important part of getting the right minerals (iron in broccoli helps a great deal) and supporting the muscles! Good liquids also help more than just a bottle of water - for example, cinnamon tea, ginger tea and high quality (organic) green tea.
And most of all - get your 7-8 hours of sleep in, every night! Muscles grow from resting too!


Hope you're Monday is going alright... I came back from Durban last night - it was an awesome weekend (escaping the cold weather in JHB, although on our way there we had some snow, unbelievable since Durban was warm & sunny!) and we enjoyed soaking up the sun in Ballito & Durban. We judged some great guys for MR SA 2010 at the uShaka Marine World.
A friend sent me this msg earlier today:
"Good advice for happiness: Expect nothing from friends. Human nature is fickle. Be the best friend u can be, ur the only one u can control & trust, Your friend is a passing ship, Enjoy while he is in harbour and let go when he sails. u cannot possess or hold onto anyone. Expect the best from yourself and accept your friends as they are."
Have a blessed day!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stop the pressure!

When the pressure cooker is near boiling point, and the bomb is about to blast off, in that very moment, just before the explosion, the mess, the destruction, just then, one realizes... it's too late. One just knows.
The same goes for the build-up of emotional & psychological stress. You keep taking it, swallowing your pride, telling yourself to be strong, praying, trying to grab onto pieces of string that will motivate you to keep on hanging on, heart pounding and mind crashing until the scale tips over and the worries, the sadness, the stress, the fears and the uncertainty of solutions, cuts a piece of your flesh out of the strength you once had. Then, you look for the medicine that will heal this broken state of being - my meth, my GHB, the friends that soothes the pain, but weakens the heart and tears the veins apart from deep inside until every last breath of your soul regurgitates and asphyxiates your hope of coming out alive.
Perhaps in the moment of weakness, in the moment, just before the pot boils over, you already know, it's too late.
One just knows.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Ahoy! I'll be off to Durban this Friday and have some relaxing times with friends - we're planning a bit of a road trip from JHB. Should be fun!
Just a quick update - if you'd like to vote for me in the Cleo bachelor competition, pls sms my name ('Johan') to 35915 or register online ( to vote. I've uploaded a few pics there as well.
Gotta keep pushing harder - it's still a mission to find real good training time between work (which is ever so hectic), but at least I'm going everyday! A good friend of mine offered to train with me soon, I think that'll be a huge boost and great help! Pic at top from a shoot last year with great photographer Werner Prinsloo. Pic below from gym this morning - I trained shoulders though (a part of my body I'm really focusing hard on now, just like the biceps/triceps!)
Take it eazy fellows!! :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cleo bachelor competition!

Pic from: Cleo magazine, August 2009 issue.

Hey there! Hope you had a shweeeet weekend. I heard this morning the pics are up and the magazine in the shops... that is, for Top 50 Cleo bachelor competition. Hope you gonna vote! ;)
Trained arms this morning, just because they're my weakest area. Hard work pays off! Gotta keep on pushing! Hopefully have a new gym partner soon which will help a whole lot! Gym partners should motivate you and help to make the training a project at hand - in other words, have goals, know your programme for the day, have the right supplements for the right reasons, and complete it. Set yourself a time limit and memorize exactly your training routine. This will ensure that you stick to it since you know what you're goal is!
In fact, it's like that with everything in life. I want to be on the cover of Men's Health and I'll work at this goal no matter how many setbacks I have or discouragement people give me. That's just one, small, goal. And it keeps me going. Although not everyday is easy, there's several challenges - especially in terms of relationships, my daily job, friendships, etc I just gotta keep focused and believe in myself since I know I have something unique to offer this world. Comparing myself with someone better looking, or more successful will only bring my spirit down. I must rather be inspired and work harder!
Gotta run! Cheers! XX

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

HEAT magazine

LOL, how funny was it when I heard that my pic is featured in this week's HEAT magazine... never knew they'd publish it, hehe. Just random.
Well, it wasn't a good gym session this morning - which, obviously is no good for a productive day... grrrr. Ah well, nothing that a good cup o' coffee can't fix! And I mean, good! Tonight we're featuring Lee-Ann Liebenberg on our V-entertainment show. She is most def my fav SA celeb - and a really awesome girl to know! Hope you're day will be good. Remember, stay focused and be strong in your heart. You can do it, no matter what!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Just smile!

This song was MJ's favourite & is by Charlie Chaplin. His brother Jermaine sang it at his memorial service last week. Really awesome lyrics:

Smile, though your heart is aching

Smile, even though it's breaking

When there are clouds in the sky

You'll get by...

If you smile

With your fear and sorrow

Smile and maybe tomorrow

You'll find that life is still worthwhile

If you just...

Light up your face with gladness

Hide every trace of sadness

Although a tear may be ever so near

That's the time you must keep on trying

Smile, what's the use of crying

You'll find that life is still worthwhile

If you just...

Smile, though your heart is aching

Smile, even though it's breaking

When there are clouds in the sky

You'll get by...

If you smile

Through your fear and sorrow

Smile and maybe tomorrow

You'll find that life is still worthwhile

If you just smile...

That's the time you must keep on trying

Smile, what's the use of crying

You'll find that life is still worthwhile

If you just smile

Happy Monday!!!

You can tell my mood's great when I had an awesome gym session! It really brings out the best in one ... being/feeling fit & healthy! And just another reason to get warm (for me), by pumping the weights and warming myself up (not by slouching behind my desk and complaining.. hehe) Worked on my fav body part this morning, my pectoral muscles (chest that is, lol). Some pics taken after my gym session can be seen here. Hey! How was your weekend? I hooked up with mates of mine from Durban that I haven't seen in a while - we studied together at Rhodes (Grahamstown). Those were the days, but, honestly, I don't miss it. As time moves in, and seasons change, we grow out of one good moment into another challenging one, but then good times roll in again. It always comes & goes. The more challenging a moment feels, the harder the hardship, the bigger the reward, and the better the good times will be once the bad season passes. So be grateful for every challenge. I swear, my motto has to be: Never fear, Never quit, Never let disappointment get you down, and Never ever say never."

Finally watched this movie over the weekend, TAKEN - worth the view! Check it!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday and I'm feeling goooooood !!! ;)

Yeah baby it's time for the weekend!! Hope you're planning a few parties here & there... I might go through to Pretoria meet up with mates or just chill out a bit. Sunday is the premiere of new Harry Potter movie, hooked up an invite from Ster Kinekor & we're shooting inserts for our TV show V-Entertainment!! Spot me looking annoyed with hundreds of kids running around, although I don't think the movie's for a kiddie audience.
Anywayz, on our show tonight is Colin Moss talking about his new movie Surviving Evil & the premiere is also tonight, in JHB. Might go round there to check it out later.
BTW had an awesome gym session with my good mates this morning - thanks buddies, you're awesome friends!! Keep pushing - motto of the day!!
Cheers for now!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Idols & Icons

First of all... gym was great today. Worked on the arms. Gotta keep pushing, that's the motto of the day!! Woohoo!!! ;) (Lol, chest pic taken yesterday after gym ;)

Now, the mere fact that you look up to someone, and feel inspired by their greatness/success/achievements, means that they have done something good enough to ensure that you feel motivated to also achieve greatness. The trick is to understand your own strengths and build on that. So many people try and be someone else. And forget about just being themselves. Use the motivation you get from the success of others, and implement that into your own life. I can't be Tyler McPeak but I can work just as hard to fulfill personal success at the gym and at least have a body that's in great shape and closely resemble that of a real fitness model. However, the combination of hard work and recognizing your skills, strengths & weaknesses will help to target that side of you which is generally referred to as talent. It's undeniably inside of you... just sometimes we need to recognize it.
I finally met Alex Jay today (see pic below) - after so many years of watching him on TV (in the early 90s in 'Fast Forward'), and later listening to him on 5fm. He has one of the most sought after voices in the business (hence you'll hear him at least once a day, from TV commercials doing voice over, or on 94.7 Highveld Stereo).
And then there are friends that inspire you. Say thank you & appreciate your best friends!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Unhappy Zone...

The feeling of being beaten down, or kicked in the face, or being disappointed and hard pressed for a little glimmer of motivation ... that feeling is like being in an unfamiliar zone, or forest, or stretched out desert... a little lost, and kinda unsure which direction to go, in order to get out of that space. I'm not completely depressed about such a space, only that it's a reality we face from time to time. Whether it is with work, relationships, your health, your goals & dreams... it's there. I'm talking of the moment where someone disappoints you, or where something mean & nasty is said to you, or when your boss is unsatisfied with your work, or when you feel less fortunate, or value yourself a little less than before. Hopefully not hating yourself, but nevertheless, feeling insecure & unsure of your own abilities is commonplace for anyone. In moments like these, I have to be strong, and I have to focus on what I have. Sometimes we take for granted all the privileges we enjoy. And, of course, when you're down, you're down. It's only human ;) I just find it damn hard to get outta this zone man, geez. A day's work ain't satisfying if you don't go to sleep with a happy heart. Please bare with me, and also, let's motivate each other.
In the meanwhile, my key motivation is eating right. I am unable to train as hard as I'd like to everyday, but I squeeze time in wherever I can. However, eating right helps a whole lot - at least then, to stay healthy. And I follow a very strict diet. It's crazy and strange to most, but it's the best diet for my body. I have results and health to back me up on this one!
Hope you're having a more sunny season in your life. And my best wishes & love for this day!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Farewell Day

We simply can't ignore the significance of this day - saying a final farewell to one of music's biggest legends - Michael Jackson. 7pm South African time, and 3pm LA time the memorial service will start (by that time, the private funeral where he'll be buried will be done). Today we should celebrate his music, but also appreciate the loved ones we have in our own lives - our parents (some not so healthy either), and our brothers, sisters, and friends. I know it might sound lame, but we honestly forget to appreciate people while they're still alive. And when they're gone, you wished you'd spend more time with them. But let's not be all morbid but rather be positive about what we can achieve & do in our own lives. While you're alive, and especially if you're healthy, you have no excuse to excel! So, go for it!
(Pic: After gym this morning - worked on chest).

Picture taken at the FTV/Irene fashion/judging show for MR SA 2010 pre-lims, with some of my good friends.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Shoulders, punk! ;)

Ahoy!! Welcome to a new, crispy fresh week again... haha, sense the optimism!
It's Monday, and I'm ready for a lank busy week, oh yeah baby, bring it on! Had a blast of a weekend with my best mates, and judged at the Mr SA Gauteng pre-lims (FTV, Irene) check facebook for pic updates by Ocean Laube. Good photographer that guy!
I hear MJ is being buried tomorrow sans his brain... hectic. Apparently they need to do more tests and can't chuck it. Still a sad story. I can't wait for all those rehearsal footage to be released on CD/DVD, it promises to show how the King of Pop still had it going on!
So, the gym today was a process of struggling outta bed 20 minutes later than I should have, then missioning through traffic, and finally starting a workout on shoulders today. Someone messaged me about a gym programme. I change this often since muscles get used to the same routine, thus a good idea to explore adjustments in your training routine at least once a month.
For now, on a simplistic level, it looks like this:
Mon - shoulders
Tues - chest / abs
Wed - arms / abs
Thur - legs/ back
Fri - rest day
Sat - chest / mixture
Sun - rest day

If you're interested in bulking up, like I'm currently doing, avoid too much cardio, and go straight for the weights. Also, 1 cup of brown rice, and 1 cup of imported pasta, should also make its way into your diet, on a daily basis. Avoid sugary foods, it breaks down your immune system, and also, get sufficient rest (it builds muscle). Stretch, stretch - after every workout!

Hope you have an awesome monday, & week! Check V-entertainment tonight 19.00 on Channel 123. It's only our 4th episode, but we working on making it look shweeet!
(( PS: Some pics here from gym this morning. ))

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Launch Day! &*%$%**

It's D-Day for our production house since we're launching a new channel, and a new entertainment show tonight !! Grrr.... *feel* the stress in my writing.... grrr... it's madness at the office and we'll be working until late tonight to ensure smooth flow of broadcast. If you're in SA, check it out from 5pm (CAT) tonight, channel 123 on DSTV. It's called VUZU - which apparently means anything you'd like to make it. The channel's core target market is urban youth (cosmopolitan, African, funky, urban) and this will be seamed through all the shows. I'm the co-producer for V-Entertainment which will air every weekday evening 19.00. We will feature international Hollywood scoops, as well as local celebrity news & guests. There's also our updated, and exciting gaming show 'The Verge' every evening at 21.30 - if you're a fan of anything that has something to do with games, be sure not to miss out! Regular giveaways include PS3, XBox, Wii games and consoles!
In terms of training... well, for now, it's all about maintenance, and eating more so that I can still bulk!
hope you're day is awesome!!
Back to work, it's really, really busy!! *sigh*