Monday, July 27, 2009


Hope you're Monday is going alright... I came back from Durban last night - it was an awesome weekend (escaping the cold weather in JHB, although on our way there we had some snow, unbelievable since Durban was warm & sunny!) and we enjoyed soaking up the sun in Ballito & Durban. We judged some great guys for MR SA 2010 at the uShaka Marine World.
A friend sent me this msg earlier today:
"Good advice for happiness: Expect nothing from friends. Human nature is fickle. Be the best friend u can be, ur the only one u can control & trust, Your friend is a passing ship, Enjoy while he is in harbour and let go when he sails. u cannot possess or hold onto anyone. Expect the best from yourself and accept your friends as they are."
Have a blessed day!

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