Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Launch Day! &*%$%**

It's D-Day for our production house since we're launching a new channel, and a new entertainment show tonight !! Grrr.... *feel* the stress in my writing.... grrr... it's madness at the office and we'll be working until late tonight to ensure smooth flow of broadcast. If you're in SA, check it out from 5pm (CAT) tonight, channel 123 on DSTV. It's called VUZU - which apparently means anything you'd like to make it. The channel's core target market is urban youth (cosmopolitan, African, funky, urban) and this will be seamed through all the shows. I'm the co-producer for V-Entertainment which will air every weekday evening 19.00. We will feature international Hollywood scoops, as well as local celebrity news & guests. There's also our updated, and exciting gaming show 'The Verge' every evening at 21.30 - if you're a fan of anything that has something to do with games, be sure not to miss out! Regular giveaways include PS3, XBox, Wii games and consoles!
In terms of training... well, for now, it's all about maintenance, and eating more so that I can still bulk!
hope you're day is awesome!!
Back to work, it's really, really busy!! *sigh*

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