Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Have a blessed holiday!!

Work is winding down and on Friday we're closing up shop, jetting off to a well-needed holiday to recharge those batteries! This year went by like a steam train on extra hot coal - so many great moments to consider and be grateful for. I need to wish everyone in my life a very blessed festive season, whatever it is you're celebrating, even if just being holiday!
We have to reflect on the things we are privileged to have in our lives. There's always something to be happy about, trust me! To appreciate the greater power of the Universe which guides and nudges us gently onto the path towards our destiny. I predict 2010 to be a great year! And it will be a great year for everyone that plans to make it one.
I will be jetting off to Durban on Friday, to shoot/produce TV inserts of the Top 12 finalists in 2010's Mr SA contest. On Tuesday next week, I'm flying through to Cape Town and driving to the West Coast to spend quality time with my family. Have a blessed holiday, and get back safely in January 2010!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009


Learning more about the title of this new Hollywood movie (which is about a South African story), truly inspired me! The Latin word 'invictus' means "unconquerable" - and is also the title of a poem by William Ernest Henley. I am proud to be South African and the great opportunities I have in this country. Fighting for success and standing up from the dust that life throws into your face is everyone's story. Mandela spent 27 years in prison and could have hated the white man for putting him there, instead, he united a country and served all its citizens. He wrote this poem on a piece of paper during his incarceration. We often hate our lives only to realize it's honestly not that bad.
Here's the poem. Have a blessed weekend!!

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Finding the turn

It's a message I got this morning and one that inspires me to face each day with a heart full of gratitude. And, the greatest achievers, most successful business leaders, movie stars and entrepreneurs concur - when you think it's the end of the road, it's actually just a turn that you need to take.
It has been a rough year for me. Partly, due to my own inability to cope with a changing environment - which is the definition of stress. I have been too emotional and stubborn. I did not find the balance, and I have beaten myself up over minuscule issues. I have blamed people unnecessarily instead of clearing up my own insecurities. But I have also worked hard at being a good friend, producing better work, and searching my soul for ways to help other people.
I appreciate rough times, since I have learnt that challenges are there to provide us with tools and lessons to be better equipped for the future.
Some people do not understand good advice, and perhaps will reject your friendship, or feel different towards you, yet through real love we can take comfort in the fact that being a good friend often means challenging someone.

It's that time of the year where we can look back, and take stock. I truly believe that in every negative lies a positive. We just need to learn how to find it. Every year has its share of bad times and good times. When things go horrible, we forget the good moments. We focus on the negative and forget that finding a solution will actually create a positive. Expecting it to happen is not a solution. The same goes with people we detest. When you balance the negative attributes out with positive ones, you'll soon find that it's really not that bad. And gone are all those feelings of irritation, hatred, disappointment and/or sadness.
Keeping my chin up - I have a lot to be grateful for!
Our team interviewed Morgan Freeman yesterday about his role as Nelson Mandela in the movie 'Invictus' which is about South Africa's transformation period around 1994/1995 when our said president stunned everybody by embracing the Springbok rugby team - if you're in South Africa, watch our exclusive inserts tomorrow evening (Thursday, 19.00 CAT on Vuzu channel 123).

Work's been pushing me (almost) into the ground, which is good since it means that I learn more about TV production! Unfortunately, in these times, gym comes second... This morning however I managed to have a solid hour & half session, and damn it felt good! I eat very healthy and stick to a strict diet which helps when there's not enough time to train properly (at least, not on a daily basis). I always know that I will get time for gym, cos I MAKE time for it. Never make excuses to train! ;)

Our working year is almost coming to an end. Business closes on 18 Dec after which I'll be jetting off to Durban to shoot the 2010 Mr SA finalists for our TV show. On 22nd I'm off to Cape Town, spending time with the family for Xmas! Hopefully, for New Year's, I'll be partying it up in Cape Town as well. Haven't even gotten round to buying any gifts... urgh. Dunno when? Lol. In the meanwhile, just gotta get things wound up and close-up shop! :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Finding the sweet spot!

In life you'll go through those moments of happiness and ecstatic jubilations, mixed with real shitty times when you just feel like throwing in the towel! It's a pity that we get ourselves down like that since it ultimately damages our general well-being and health. It's about finding the sweet spot. Plucking up the courage to stand up, walk through the wind-tunnel, sand in the face, and make it through to the other side. People will change, loved ones might get bored with you and look for temptations, though you must be strong and not slip. Let the fools look for every corner of easy satisfaction and quick pleasures. As I wrote previously, people have different values, and if you try and live someone else's life or change someone, you will only find unhappiness. I can't force someone to like me more. Just as you can't force someone to avoid being tempted into things that are possibly a little more interesting. People get bored. The only hope is to believe in your own heart's true love; and trust that the person you are with will appreciate this, be disciplined and return the love you provide. In life, things will change. It's inevitable. If you are true to yourself, believe in your strengths, and not constantly compare yourself to others, you will find the sweet spot. The spot where you will attract people, make friends, find love, enjoy life, and achieve your goals. The spot where you don't worry anymore what people think, whether they think you're hot or not, muscled or not. You will find satisfaction in what you have, who you are, and those that really feel the love, will show it in return. I have to work hard at finding my sweet spot, every single day. Sometimes it's more challenging. I have to focus on what I can achieve. Don't be distracted by disappointment. Whether it's in the way people behave towards you, or change towards you, or in your career/work. There is a sweet spot. I know. Bite on your teeth, clench your fists, be alone, be frustrated and feel lost... it will be brief. The sweet spot will be found. I believe in it. I swear.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Finding the solution

Thanks to Louis Botha for another sample from the most recent shoot. Pic attached here.


So last night's show was awesome. I interviewed Dave Keuning, lead guitarist of The Killers, and then saw the live gig at the Dome in Northgate, Johannesburg (South Africa). The interview was certainly not a highlight, though I really enjoyed the concert. The guys put up a great show with magnificent lighting effects, superb sound and performing all their hits! The show opened with a dazzling array of pyrotechnics and went straight into the biggest current hit, "Human." Professional rock artists with real talent, they deserve all the success!
See pics from last night's concert below. The lead singer, Brandon Flowers, seems to be a very popular guy too.


The Demartini talk of Wed evening is still lingering in my mind. He spoke about stress, and, among other things, the type we experience in relationships. Problem is that we often try to change people, because we use our own set of values to judge other people. See, all of us have an inherent set of individual values - 'rules' you live by, things you like/dislike, etc. Then we project these values onto someone else and expect them to live up to ours. This causes an imbalance and results in emotional stress. The trick is to understand that everyone has their own values, and by accepting this fundamental reality, you will strike a balance and experience love, instead of resentment. You can't only have one side - someone that likes all the things you do, only gives support, only stays happy, only shares, only smiles, only enjoy good times, etc, etc. I have learnt that those people who challenge and care are the ones that really love you. Parents that spoil kids all the time, end up having children that stay dependent. Demartini spoke of his childhood and how his dad made him do garden work for extra pocket money. The 9-year old Demartini ended up renting equipment from his dad and started doing the gardens of all their neighbours too. His dad could have spoilt him with extra pocket money, instead he taught him a business lesson about financial freedom. Having his own money (which he earned), to buy his own things. Giving someone advice, or trying to teach, will not always come across as 'nice' or even 'friendly,' yet, once we understand this, and look for the lesson, the solution, and how we can turn an obstacle into an opportunity, that's when true success will be our destiny.
Have a blessed weekend.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


It's been a while since we were this busy! Sho! Hectic days, mostly due to the fact that we are recording extra shows for the Dec holiday period - which leaves me with something to look forward to at least. *sigh* hehe :)

The Killers shoot is now happening tomorrow evening - we are meeting the band at 6Pm, with some exclusive backstage passes, and then watching the show from the media area in front of Golden Circle. I have to do some research today; not really all that clued up on the band!

Gym this morning was power! I pushed some legs and then decided, why not train a little arms as well. Finished off with some hardcore crunches and oblique exercises. I felt like death ...lol... but it's a great sensation to have trained properly.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

All Access!!

The Las Vegas punk-rock band 'The Killers' is currently visiting South Africa as part of their Day & Age World Tour, and I am lucky enough to be interviewing the band backstage this coming Friday! In TV world, events like these prepares one for bigger moments and they are good stepping stones to becoming a more professional reporter/presenter or producer. I will certainly take pics & blog afterwards!

Once again a big shout out to photographer Louis Botha who shot my Styling Concepts fashion shoot on Sunday. I have put some samples on Facebook as well. Here's another one.
I'm out. Back to studio to prep our show for tonight. Laters. XX