Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our team interviewed Morgan Freeman yesterday about his role as Nelson Mandela in the movie 'Invictus' which is about South Africa's transformation period around 1994/1995 when our said president stunned everybody by embracing the Springbok rugby team - if you're in South Africa, watch our exclusive inserts tomorrow evening (Thursday, 19.00 CAT on Vuzu channel 123).

Work's been pushing me (almost) into the ground, which is good since it means that I learn more about TV production! Unfortunately, in these times, gym comes second... This morning however I managed to have a solid hour & half session, and damn it felt good! I eat very healthy and stick to a strict diet which helps when there's not enough time to train properly (at least, not on a daily basis). I always know that I will get time for gym, cos I MAKE time for it. Never make excuses to train! ;)

Our working year is almost coming to an end. Business closes on 18 Dec after which I'll be jetting off to Durban to shoot the 2010 Mr SA finalists for our TV show. On 22nd I'm off to Cape Town, spending time with the family for Xmas! Hopefully, for New Year's, I'll be partying it up in Cape Town as well. Haven't even gotten round to buying any gifts... urgh. Dunno when? Lol. In the meanwhile, just gotta get things wound up and close-up shop! :)

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