Friday, December 4, 2009

Finding the solution

Thanks to Louis Botha for another sample from the most recent shoot. Pic attached here.


So last night's show was awesome. I interviewed Dave Keuning, lead guitarist of The Killers, and then saw the live gig at the Dome in Northgate, Johannesburg (South Africa). The interview was certainly not a highlight, though I really enjoyed the concert. The guys put up a great show with magnificent lighting effects, superb sound and performing all their hits! The show opened with a dazzling array of pyrotechnics and went straight into the biggest current hit, "Human." Professional rock artists with real talent, they deserve all the success!
See pics from last night's concert below. The lead singer, Brandon Flowers, seems to be a very popular guy too.


The Demartini talk of Wed evening is still lingering in my mind. He spoke about stress, and, among other things, the type we experience in relationships. Problem is that we often try to change people, because we use our own set of values to judge other people. See, all of us have an inherent set of individual values - 'rules' you live by, things you like/dislike, etc. Then we project these values onto someone else and expect them to live up to ours. This causes an imbalance and results in emotional stress. The trick is to understand that everyone has their own values, and by accepting this fundamental reality, you will strike a balance and experience love, instead of resentment. You can't only have one side - someone that likes all the things you do, only gives support, only stays happy, only shares, only smiles, only enjoy good times, etc, etc. I have learnt that those people who challenge and care are the ones that really love you. Parents that spoil kids all the time, end up having children that stay dependent. Demartini spoke of his childhood and how his dad made him do garden work for extra pocket money. The 9-year old Demartini ended up renting equipment from his dad and started doing the gardens of all their neighbours too. His dad could have spoilt him with extra pocket money, instead he taught him a business lesson about financial freedom. Having his own money (which he earned), to buy his own things. Giving someone advice, or trying to teach, will not always come across as 'nice' or even 'friendly,' yet, once we understand this, and look for the lesson, the solution, and how we can turn an obstacle into an opportunity, that's when true success will be our destiny.
Have a blessed weekend.

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