Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Have a blessed holiday!!

Work is winding down and on Friday we're closing up shop, jetting off to a well-needed holiday to recharge those batteries! This year went by like a steam train on extra hot coal - so many great moments to consider and be grateful for. I need to wish everyone in my life a very blessed festive season, whatever it is you're celebrating, even if just being holiday!
We have to reflect on the things we are privileged to have in our lives. There's always something to be happy about, trust me! To appreciate the greater power of the Universe which guides and nudges us gently onto the path towards our destiny. I predict 2010 to be a great year! And it will be a great year for everyone that plans to make it one.
I will be jetting off to Durban on Friday, to shoot/produce TV inserts of the Top 12 finalists in 2010's Mr SA contest. On Tuesday next week, I'm flying through to Cape Town and driving to the West Coast to spend quality time with my family. Have a blessed holiday, and get back safely in January 2010!!!

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