Monday, December 7, 2009

Finding the sweet spot!

In life you'll go through those moments of happiness and ecstatic jubilations, mixed with real shitty times when you just feel like throwing in the towel! It's a pity that we get ourselves down like that since it ultimately damages our general well-being and health. It's about finding the sweet spot. Plucking up the courage to stand up, walk through the wind-tunnel, sand in the face, and make it through to the other side. People will change, loved ones might get bored with you and look for temptations, though you must be strong and not slip. Let the fools look for every corner of easy satisfaction and quick pleasures. As I wrote previously, people have different values, and if you try and live someone else's life or change someone, you will only find unhappiness. I can't force someone to like me more. Just as you can't force someone to avoid being tempted into things that are possibly a little more interesting. People get bored. The only hope is to believe in your own heart's true love; and trust that the person you are with will appreciate this, be disciplined and return the love you provide. In life, things will change. It's inevitable. If you are true to yourself, believe in your strengths, and not constantly compare yourself to others, you will find the sweet spot. The spot where you will attract people, make friends, find love, enjoy life, and achieve your goals. The spot where you don't worry anymore what people think, whether they think you're hot or not, muscled or not. You will find satisfaction in what you have, who you are, and those that really feel the love, will show it in return. I have to work hard at finding my sweet spot, every single day. Sometimes it's more challenging. I have to focus on what I can achieve. Don't be distracted by disappointment. Whether it's in the way people behave towards you, or change towards you, or in your career/work. There is a sweet spot. I know. Bite on your teeth, clench your fists, be alone, be frustrated and feel lost... it will be brief. The sweet spot will be found. I believe in it. I swear.

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