Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Easter!!

This weekend is Easter and time to have an overload of chocolate bunnies (I wouldn't mind a Playboy bunny-honey dipped in chocolate... hahaha). So, my wish is that everyone takes at least this time out to find some perspective and balance. We do things that we regret later on, we make mistakes, we have good times and sad times, now, let's be reassured that it's pointless having the stress of uncertainty when things will fall into place as we grow. Also, trying to impress, or fit in, or change (for someone else) is not just pointless, it's a ridiculous and negative exercise that will break you down and destroy every good attribute you have.
So count your blessings, and eat lots of chocolate this weekend. Or just dip someone you love into chocolate. Lol.

**Back to business at the Gym today. I had the dreaded flu over the weekend so stayed in bed. Only had strength back today and worked on arms. My current goals include: stronger upper body resistance/ increase muscle size on biceps, shoulders, back, upper legs and obliques.

Thanks to a good lady friend, I'm having a photoshoot on Saturday that will be styled to portray a very hard, masculine and outdoor image. Looking forward to it! Will post sample shots here soonest.
Here's one last pic from Mxit shoot /credit to Bruce K Cantrell /
Enjoy Easter !!! :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

09 Xmas Shoot/Mxit / Bruce K Cantrell

Just a shout out to the agency Twisted Lemon, and photographer Bruce K Cantrell for this picture (Copyright). Contact them via Facebook or his website!!
[ http://www.brucekcantrell.com ]
I would highly recommend them / Johannesburg, South Africa.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The HOT shoot!! :)

Next Friday at 6PM you'd better be checking out Vuzu where we'll feature a behind-the-scenes look at the FHM cover shoot for their May issue. 2 Hot blondes are featured and as a teaser, here's a picture that will appear in this forthcoming issue.
*Thanks to Hagan & the guys/girls at FHM for this opportunity! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and both Tayla & Jenna are awesome girls!!! =)
*big grin*

Monday, March 22, 2010

Where the sun rises

One morning, when next you have this chance again, try and be somewhere quiet and early, where you can see the sun rise. In that moment, think about everything that you have - from the most obvious like your health, friends, family, etc, to where you are in life. Dig into your heart, and find what it is that you enjoy so much that you can't live without - the job, the people, the passions, etc THEN stay still, and watch the sunrise. Let it be. And let the moment unfold while you sit still and have your mind wander. You should leave there and have peace in your heart & mind, that most things will unfold naturally, just like that sunrise, in the way nature intends it. If you let it be. If you don't force it, and if you don't become paranoid and insecure. Be confidant in your ability to be the person that you were shaped to be. You were made with a plan in mind, there is a direction, and that direction is towards your ultimate purpose in life. And, I've found, the path on which we travel through life will be outlined for you. It will nudge you into the right direction, ever so gently, though, often, in a rather harsh manner. Still, it's like the sunrise, it's unfolding and will take its course, naturally, the way it's intended to do. Slowly, but surely. Now, let your soul guide you and don't panic when you get stuck and feel that you should "take control" and become a paranoid driver.

*Yesterday I woke up with the sight of a flat wheel on my car. No spare, and a Sunday morning, no one around or willing to help me. I managed to get some air pumped into it, and drove to the nearest garage. From there I called the AA and attempted to find someone that could fix the puncture in the tyre. No luck. Driving a VW, I called VW Alert, who put me in touch with a company that was about 100km from where I live, that could possibly fix the puncture for me. I ensured the punctured tyre had enough air, and drove to this company's premises - on the other side of town! Came there, and, mistakenly let them take off the wrong tyre to check.
(I only realized this the next day !) Still, had to pay R300 for them to 'help' me. Even though nothing was done!
Drove to friends for lunch, and felt angry that the problem suddenly just disappeared. Meanwhile, the actual faulty tyre carried on losing air. I spent the whole afternoon with my friends, drove back home at night, and went to bed. The following morning I checked my wheels and saw that my tyre was half-flat again. Luckily it wasn't completely flat. This is when I realized the wrong tyre was checked the previous day. (Doh!)
I went to the nearest filling station and the attendant there noticed a nail in the tyre, and alerted me to the puncture. I said that I'm aware of it, and really not sure where to get it fixed, since, today, is a Public Holiday!! He then told me, nonchalantly, that there is a garage just around the corner that could fix my puncture for R25! Huh?!! So, around the corner from my house they fixed my tyre, and it was all good again. Damn. If only I didn't panic the previous day, and just believed that I would find the solution to this. And it was right there! LOL.

Hope you'll have a blessed day. Be calm in your heart. Best advice, and RealTalk!!
**Pic courtesy Werner Prinsloo/ Nineteen86 Photography (c) And taken during an underwear shoot in 2009. It's an outtake that hasn't been published anywhere before. // :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Writing your Mission Statement

It has been a tumultuous time for me: disorderly, confused, excited, unsure, etc. I have greeted friends goodbye, some, forever, and another, only away for a little while. Nevertheless, I have realized how much of myself I have poured into those relationships/friendships where the support came mostly from me. Where the thoughts and passion shifted from my own personal goals, to helping others get to theirs. It is warm-hearted and I enjoy being a supporting pillar. It is, unfortunately, a recipe for self-destruction, and, once stuck, it feels like a dark, bottomless pit that's really hard to get out of. And I haven't seen the light, yet.
An intelligent artist once said that clever people always have doubt. So, no vote of confidence for us with brains = 'tumultuous' is the word. Lol.
Writing down your mission statement will help. Or, it's a good start. It's my self-therapy course. I have to write down everything that's on my mind, to bring my strategy into perspective. It helps to balance out the negative, unhappy, depressing and lonely emotions I have. Those weak moments where you hate yourself, feel insecure, insignificant, unsure, lost, not worthy of success, and very, very depressed.
Your mission statement is... your mission in life, in words. Where do you feel most secure & happy? What makes you feel good about life? Write this down. Then you have to find the balance between where you are now (daily duties/ your current job/current circumstances) and brainstorm some ideas of how you could possibly change some aspects, to get on track, and in-line with your mission statement.
Remember: do NOT live someone else's dream / do NOT doubt yourself by comparing your attributes to others and feeling insecure / do NOT give up hope / I repeat, do NOT give up! //
Your strengths will NOT be the same as others, and you have to focus on yours only. And even if you offer something that is slightly similar to that of others, find your niche, and branch-out on that.
*Let's drink to the possibility of achieving success and never stop believing, and working for it.
Be blessed!
//Pic attached is one of my all-time favourites. Taken with our family dog, "Simba" at a Cape Town beach. Miss my family too much today. XX

Monday, March 1, 2010

Turn it around!!!

Part of the reason for writing a blog is to provide an outlet for frustrated emotions. Well, it always helps to write down what you feel inside and attempt to let the self-therapy ease the tension and depressed emotions. I recommend it.
Today is that typical 'I-hate-my-job-and-would-rather-be-somewhere-else'-day! The wrong start. Of course, if you look at problem-situations closely, more often than not, the problem starts with how you approach something. Let's say you're in an argument* with someone over a task that should be done - and you're arguing about who should be doing it. To solve the argument, offer to do it - however, negotiate an agreement that will suit both parties and not just yourself. Sacrificing - your time - and creating the solution will immediately limit the chances of an argument in the first place. Admittedly, I have a stubborn personality and not always give in, with the result of beating myself down and ending up the one that feels emotionally wrecked. Yet, I believe that being 'stubborn' could boil down to simply being confident - which is essential in surviving any tough working environment (sticking with your beliefs/ moral values).
I had the urge today for venting /complaining - but it serves no purpose. Really. I have written about this before (perhaps to cure my own frustrations); we stare blankly into the problem, sulking/moaning about it, but we are too hard-up to constantly look for solutions. Not progressing, and certainly not self-soothing.
*I'm currently reading the book 'The Capitalist Nigger' by Dr Chika Onyeani. His views on the 'poor state of the black race' is rather controversial and I'm not keen to voice mine right now, however, he does offer some valuable points. One of which applies to anyone that always blames outside situations, other people and circumstances for their own problematic situations. He states unequivocally, 'Stop playing the blame game and start creating the solution.' //
It is easier to blame something else, but more rewarding to find the solution, because, guess what, you will own that solution, and even more enlightening - that's how you get rich!
You can sit there and whine, and blame 'other people,' or you could open the window to your wealth of opportunities, and start living the ideal life filled with passion and fortunes. Hey, it's right in front of you !! //

PS: Thanks to photographer Johann Marx for a brilliant photoshoot on Saturday - and the great people I met there (Candy, Nici, Daniel, Lysle) and my mates who joined in as well - TJ & Chris! What a shoot. For more, check out Johann's website:
Please join the group 'CSA Models South Africa' on Facebook. All the support appreciated.