Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday bluessss...

Ahoy!  Monday mornings always have that sense of anticipation, or being unsure... almost as if you have to confirm that you are blessed, privileged, stable, healthy?  Then, once the day gets going, it's either the stress of your workload and the fact that the next Friday seems so far in the distance, or that you are unsure of so many things... like your future, your goals, etc.  I don't know if it's just me (like the girl says in the "Vawter" advert), but that's how I feel on a Monday morning. And Mondays are always the busiest at the gym, which frustrates me, so if I don't hit the gym early on a Monday morning, I just leave it until Tuesday rather.  On Mondays everyone feels that they either drank too much, or ate too much junk food!  LOL.  I always make sure that I know what my Monday will be about (I do that on a Friday), so that I don't get surprised at work. Planning is such a mission , but trust me, it always makes you feel more organized.  Anywayz, 
by Friday, we don't care, and let go again! haha!  In the end, just make sure you get to gym, and eat good stuff during the week!!

Friday, March 27, 2009


According to an agent in New York, this picture is the closest I have been to an Abercrombie & Fitch "look"...  Haha!  
Gym tips for the weekend - if you don't enjoy training on a Sat and Sun, then the best tip would be to enjoy yourself but stay away from sugar!  That includes fizzy drinks, as well as sweet alcoholic drinks such as shooters, liquers and the like!  Opt for whiskey and water, or similar.  
Always have lots of water if you're not eating healthy! 
Have a shweet weekend !!! 

Famous People

Working in the media industry often gives one the opportunity to meet so-called 'celebrities.'  In the media these are defined as people with a profile - in other words, a "claim to fame."  Some of them think that they should be treated differently.  Unfortunately, most of the time this come across as being arrogant or "better than the rest of us."  However, now and again I get the chance to meet people that are not phased by the whole fame lifestyle, and a real simply really awesome people to have a very casual chat to.  Just after the last Rugby World Cup I had the opportunity to spend a day with the Springbok squad in Sandton, JHB.  I interviewed the two guys on this picture (Frans Steyn & Bryan Habana) and had a few chats with them.   These two are great guys and I wish them only the best for future endeavors!  
They are also inspirational in terms of general health & fitness - "training everyday is like refining your art," said Frans Steyn, and this is so very true.  If you have a goal, and you work towards it every single day, no matter what happens, you will achieve it!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The student life!

I discovered this picture in a photo album from varsity days... wow, (good old) days gone by!  The pic was taken at Kenton-on-Sea (a small beach resort just outside Grahamstown, Eastern Cape).  
My friends and I (Paul & Matthew Wingfield) decided to ditch classes at varsity (Rhodes University) and just drove out to the beach for the day!   There's a little private beach area and a few girls noticed us chilling and drinking.  They kept on moving closer and closer and then started to take their tops off and swim topless... LOL.  Anyway, long story short, we partied with them for the day AND that night!  And for anyone that knows how Rhodes students can party, we certainly lived up to the rep!  

A man's best friend...

Do you find that having a pet helps to avoid that feeling of loneliness?  Or just to talk to, and get rid of frustrated emotions?  Right now I miss mine, and he's a beast, a real teddy bear and always there to cheer me up.  His name is Simba, and unfortunately, lives with my parents now on their farm in the Western Cape since, as you might figure, he is too enormous to fit into my 1-bedroom city flat!
This pic was taken during a photoshoot for a Cape Town newspaper during Summer 2007.  Sunny skies, beach, properly spiced braaivleis, family, and Simba, how I miss it so much right now!  If you have a pet, especially if it's a 'watch dog' then give it a big hug for it loves, and only, loves you!  

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Here's a few outtakes from my underwear shoot, sporting Armani underwear.
Thanks to photographer Werner Prinsloo for this one!

Just go to GYM already!

Hi, and welcome to my very first private space on the 'Net!  I just had a free gym session at Virgin Active at Brightwater Commons, Randburg, and honestly, this was the best workout i've had in a while!  The gym is brand new, the lights are dimmed so you don't feel so bright and in everyone's gaze, and there's lots of space and awesome equipment!  The new Virgin Active gyms are actually a real step up from what used to be very stuffy places which most people never enjoyed going to.  Now, with free internet access, a luxurious chill-out lounge and a super-convenient Kauai bar for delicious smoothies and fold-over cheese rolls, going to gym is now a breeze!  Therefore, you have absolutely NO excuse to join up and start sweating it out! Hard work pays off, trust me!
Leave a comment if you need advice or just wanna say somethin' !