Friday, March 27, 2009

Famous People

Working in the media industry often gives one the opportunity to meet so-called 'celebrities.'  In the media these are defined as people with a profile - in other words, a "claim to fame."  Some of them think that they should be treated differently.  Unfortunately, most of the time this come across as being arrogant or "better than the rest of us."  However, now and again I get the chance to meet people that are not phased by the whole fame lifestyle, and a real simply really awesome people to have a very casual chat to.  Just after the last Rugby World Cup I had the opportunity to spend a day with the Springbok squad in Sandton, JHB.  I interviewed the two guys on this picture (Frans Steyn & Bryan Habana) and had a few chats with them.   These two are great guys and I wish them only the best for future endeavors!  
They are also inspirational in terms of general health & fitness - "training everyday is like refining your art," said Frans Steyn, and this is so very true.  If you have a goal, and you work towards it every single day, no matter what happens, you will achieve it!

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