Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just go to GYM already!

Hi, and welcome to my very first private space on the 'Net!  I just had a free gym session at Virgin Active at Brightwater Commons, Randburg, and honestly, this was the best workout i've had in a while!  The gym is brand new, the lights are dimmed so you don't feel so bright and in everyone's gaze, and there's lots of space and awesome equipment!  The new Virgin Active gyms are actually a real step up from what used to be very stuffy places which most people never enjoyed going to.  Now, with free internet access, a luxurious chill-out lounge and a super-convenient Kauai bar for delicious smoothies and fold-over cheese rolls, going to gym is now a breeze!  Therefore, you have absolutely NO excuse to join up and start sweating it out! Hard work pays off, trust me!
Leave a comment if you need advice or just wanna say somethin' !  


  1. heeey Johan...nic blog thingi:-) super dooper jong..!! leka andji:-) Michelle

  2. Must say Planet Fitness also realy realy nice, same concept. All in favour of Discovery Vitality!!!!