Monday, July 20, 2009

Cleo bachelor competition!

Pic from: Cleo magazine, August 2009 issue.

Hey there! Hope you had a shweeeet weekend. I heard this morning the pics are up and the magazine in the shops... that is, for Top 50 Cleo bachelor competition. Hope you gonna vote! ;)
Trained arms this morning, just because they're my weakest area. Hard work pays off! Gotta keep on pushing! Hopefully have a new gym partner soon which will help a whole lot! Gym partners should motivate you and help to make the training a project at hand - in other words, have goals, know your programme for the day, have the right supplements for the right reasons, and complete it. Set yourself a time limit and memorize exactly your training routine. This will ensure that you stick to it since you know what you're goal is!
In fact, it's like that with everything in life. I want to be on the cover of Men's Health and I'll work at this goal no matter how many setbacks I have or discouragement people give me. That's just one, small, goal. And it keeps me going. Although not everyday is easy, there's several challenges - especially in terms of relationships, my daily job, friendships, etc I just gotta keep focused and believe in myself since I know I have something unique to offer this world. Comparing myself with someone better looking, or more successful will only bring my spirit down. I must rather be inspired and work harder!
Gotta run! Cheers! XX

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  1. Your doing great so far man. A training partner will defintely help get that body you have in mind! When you train arms what is your current routine? Perhaps i can suggest a few things... we have very similar body shapes, what works for me may work for you. ( This is Aaron Ribant off facebook btw)