Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Ahoy! I'll be off to Durban this Friday and have some relaxing times with friends - we're planning a bit of a road trip from JHB. Should be fun!
Just a quick update - if you'd like to vote for me in the Cleo bachelor competition, pls sms my name ('Johan') to 35915 or register online ( to vote. I've uploaded a few pics there as well.
Gotta keep pushing harder - it's still a mission to find real good training time between work (which is ever so hectic), but at least I'm going everyday! A good friend of mine offered to train with me soon, I think that'll be a huge boost and great help! Pic at top from a shoot last year with great photographer Werner Prinsloo. Pic below from gym this morning - I trained shoulders though (a part of my body I'm really focusing hard on now, just like the biceps/triceps!)
Take it eazy fellows!! :)

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