Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Unhappy Zone...

The feeling of being beaten down, or kicked in the face, or being disappointed and hard pressed for a little glimmer of motivation ... that feeling is like being in an unfamiliar zone, or forest, or stretched out desert... a little lost, and kinda unsure which direction to go, in order to get out of that space. I'm not completely depressed about such a space, only that it's a reality we face from time to time. Whether it is with work, relationships, your health, your goals & dreams... it's there. I'm talking of the moment where someone disappoints you, or where something mean & nasty is said to you, or when your boss is unsatisfied with your work, or when you feel less fortunate, or value yourself a little less than before. Hopefully not hating yourself, but nevertheless, feeling insecure & unsure of your own abilities is commonplace for anyone. In moments like these, I have to be strong, and I have to focus on what I have. Sometimes we take for granted all the privileges we enjoy. And, of course, when you're down, you're down. It's only human ;) I just find it damn hard to get outta this zone man, geez. A day's work ain't satisfying if you don't go to sleep with a happy heart. Please bare with me, and also, let's motivate each other.
In the meanwhile, my key motivation is eating right. I am unable to train as hard as I'd like to everyday, but I squeeze time in wherever I can. However, eating right helps a whole lot - at least then, to stay healthy. And I follow a very strict diet. It's crazy and strange to most, but it's the best diet for my body. I have results and health to back me up on this one!
Hope you're having a more sunny season in your life. And my best wishes & love for this day!

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  1. Hey Stephan,

    What I find answers myself in these times is when you step back, take a look at things and realise your ungreatfulness.

    At these moments you get to see just trly how much you have and you hold onto those. By doing that you can slow down and just take in what is truly yours and what you have achieved and be proud of it, no matter what who or what says,

    To cap it all, you then find the best answer is only as far as your knees are from the ground.

    Keep your chin up I am sure many can see how hard you are working to achieve your dreams :-)

    Gilbert Martin II (South Africa)