Thursday, July 9, 2009

Idols & Icons

First of all... gym was great today. Worked on the arms. Gotta keep pushing, that's the motto of the day!! Woohoo!!! ;) (Lol, chest pic taken yesterday after gym ;)

Now, the mere fact that you look up to someone, and feel inspired by their greatness/success/achievements, means that they have done something good enough to ensure that you feel motivated to also achieve greatness. The trick is to understand your own strengths and build on that. So many people try and be someone else. And forget about just being themselves. Use the motivation you get from the success of others, and implement that into your own life. I can't be Tyler McPeak but I can work just as hard to fulfill personal success at the gym and at least have a body that's in great shape and closely resemble that of a real fitness model. However, the combination of hard work and recognizing your skills, strengths & weaknesses will help to target that side of you which is generally referred to as talent. It's undeniably inside of you... just sometimes we need to recognize it.
I finally met Alex Jay today (see pic below) - after so many years of watching him on TV (in the early 90s in 'Fast Forward'), and later listening to him on 5fm. He has one of the most sought after voices in the business (hence you'll hear him at least once a day, from TV commercials doing voice over, or on 94.7 Highveld Stereo).
And then there are friends that inspire you. Say thank you & appreciate your best friends!

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