Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bieber Fever

There was a little frenzy on my Twitter profile when I blurted out that I really enjoyed the Justin Bieber documentary 'Never Say Never.' Also, I have new-found respect for the chap! Which, perhaps implies, that I'm officially a 'JB'-fan, or, popularly referred to (by his fans) as a 'Belieber.'

I compared 'JB' to a young Michael Jackson, because, in the movie you'll clearly see how a baby-Bieber starts to improvise with rhythm to the beat of music. It is the natural, raw, instinctual talent that only a few people have. And Michael Jackson had the same gift - from a young age. Of course, being stimulated musically from the day they were born helped both guys to acquire an appreciation of music. It is rare to have such a gift for music. And it makes sense to me that these kinds of people get discovered, and succeed, when they are still very young! In the Justin Bieber movie you'll clearly learn that he wasn't just another 'pop' product that was 'manufactured' into making more money for the big-boss execs! In fact, it is pointed out that they (the 'bosses') initially showed no interest in signing him, because they believed he should be part of Nickelodeon or the Disney channel-shows. They did not see a "platform" for him. And, again, my argument about raw/real talent is relevant. This dream of being discovered had to much to do with ensuring his 'gift' gets 'delivered' if you will to people of the world.
Ignore the immature, screaming, teenage girls that want to "marry" him and are "in love" with him, etc , and of course, ignore the commercial machine that is hyping his soft-cock pop-crap-music... (I can't help to also remember the screaming girls whenever MJ was around).
I choose to look past this, because he has to make music that will sell to 13-year old pubescent teenagers. However, the documentary showed me the musical genius that he is, and will continue to be. In any case, it seems there are several 'Bieber-haters' who I believe simply don't know his background, or realise what he is really made of. Sure, if his pop-music chords are annoying, that is a matter of taste (not everyone loved Michael Jackson either).
Another striking aspect of the movie - if you are able to read between the lines - is that the kid never hesitated to try and let people hear his music - performing on a street corner, in church, community meetings, a local restaurant, and so on. Point is, most of us sit on our talents. We wait for something to happen. Like the Nedbank TV ad explains - YOU have to make things happen!
Criticise the kid, and his music, all you like. But, at least, go see the movie first. Then, decide what to do. Lol. It's about understanding things that are not directly obvious in what we see/read/hear in the media. And grasping the genius of (some) people.

Cheers to Bieber!! ;)

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