Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wait 'till you see my smile

I got the new Alicia Keys album over the weekend! Love this girl and her music is brilliant. One of the tracks is called "Wait 'till you see my smile." Some of the lyrics read:
When the wind is blowing in your face
sometimes in life you don't see straight
Pray to Him
He will show ... //
When your head is in a certain place
Nobody around to make you safe
Stand strong and you will grow //
Don't they love to see you down
Kick you while you are on the ground
Don't let emotions show //

This song inspired me to face the day and not let emotions get me down. And I'd like to urge you, sincerely, try to smile despite your circumstances. The universe will teach us important lessons and learning them will never be easy or 'nice.' In tough times we forget our blessings and only focus on the negative. It becomes a vicious circle of depression in which you become more negative by only focusing on that. The challenge in this is to find a solution. Only ever focus on that. Solution, solution, solution. And, guess what, you have to find this yourself. Friends are there to support and that is something you should appreciate, yet, you have to lift your own chip up. You are most certainly able to, that is the one thing I've learnt and guarantee! None of us are born for no reason. You are meant to become stronger, wiser, and better off. When it takes us longer, it's just that we are not ready yet and still need to learn a few more lessons. So, the sooner we find solutions, the sooner we will grow and achieve the success of 'the next level.'

* * *

I am also very grateful for people that help me to achieve growth in my own career. And last Saturday I had an awesome photoshoot with one of South Africa's most talented photographers. She is professionally known as the 'Blonde Zulu'
I have added an album to my Facebook Page. Please join the group on FB and leave your comments there. Thank you!

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Have a blessed day!

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