Friday, April 23, 2010

Note to the Universe

I’d like to send a wish to the universe today: that I won’t be scared, or weak, or unsure, insecure, worried, stressed and hopeless in my quest to finding the true meaning for my existence here on earth. The light of this day should inspire me for I should be grateful for every privilege and every blessing that I have today. Whether it be my health, my physical strength, my knowledge, my family, or just as simple as knowing that I do have a purpose for living and being alive. Imbalanced emotions break my spirit at times, and it shows instability to the outside world, yet I believe it’s the process of growing and that the universe will gently nudge me into the right direction. Sometimes I have too much passion that gets interpreted as obsession or madness yet in my heart it boils over and I can’t ignore the voice inside, or the driving force that guides me to my destiny.

I make the mistake of reading people wrong, or trusting someone too quickly, or not trusting them at all, or being too kind, and giving, but sometimes care and affection are seen as being obnoxious and annoying.

Though people might say terrible things to you and attack your personality, it should not let you feel discouraged, or inferior. Anyone that hates you, once had to love you. Anyone that speaks badly of you actually does so because they are hiding their own jealousy and inferior complexes. Those that really care will be critical, yet they’ll embrace you for who you really are.

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