Monday, April 19, 2010

Upcoming Shoots for our show V_Entertainment!!

Excited for the upcoming week. Though, working hard to help a friend with some deals. Never shy away from being there for your friends. You don't know when the day comes for the help to be returned.
At V_Entertainment (the TV show I co-produce with Elana Afrika for Vuzu Channel 123, on satellite in Southern Africa); we are always happy to show the latest scoop. This Wednesday I'm shooting behind the scenes of the final episode for Survivor South Africa. We have more inside footage of Locnville's music and the 2 brothers behind it; and a look at P!nk's current 'Funhouse Tour.' Local stand-up comedian John Vlismas was taken to a movie viewing ('Men who stare at goats') and he reviewed it. Early May I'm also off to shoot with Trevor Noah (another local comedian, and, apparently these latter 2 guys don't like each other's work?); and then there's Grease the Musical at Monte Casino.
My note for the day is to find something in your friends' personalities/strengths, and appreciate them for having this, and be inspired. Our strengths will never be the same, and we often judge/compare ourselves, and get negative. Rather, focus on the good attributes that someone close to you has, and say thank you. I'm happy to be blessed with the best of best friends. And for them I'll do anything and will always be willing to assist. They would do the same for me. In other fields, like your working environment, even the staff that assist at any store or restaurant, they also need the same respect and friendliness that you give to your loved ones. Be one step ahead. And it will be returned to you, five-fold!
Have a blessed day! XX
PS: Pic courtesy BlondeZulu feat new model Francheska E'Silva.

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