Thursday, April 15, 2010


Yesterday I had a meeting with the production team from Mnet (TV station) and discussed details of the new show we are putting together for the upcoming Soccer World Cup in South Africa. It will be targeting the sports crazy youth (13-22 year olds) with 3 vibrant presenters! They are building an impressive set for this show and the content promises to be very exciting and lots of fun (high profile celebrity guests, international music stars, soccer players, Gaming inserts courtesy PS3/EA Games, and much more!)
We are starting on 11 June - the day that the World Cup opens - on Supersport. Be sure not to miss it!!
Speaking of which, in 1998 I visited France while they hosted the Soccer World Cup. I was with a couple of friends and a tour group, and we were mostly in Paris. And, even though there were lots of foreign visitors, everything was actually so well organised that it seemed calm, relaxed and happy at all times. I hope that we'll have a similar vibe here in South Africa. I believe in the spirit of South Africa and therefore wish that we also have a 'happy' World Cup. Let's support our teams and welcome all visitors with open arms!!

Just an update on my progress at the gym. I have been pushing hard with my upper-legs and arms. These areas were neglected in the past and now is the time for me to get an all-round balanced shape.
See pictures below with 2 angles. Perseverance is the name of the game.
Have a blessed weekend.

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