Monday, November 22, 2010

Let's Get This Party Jumping

Thanks to Jozi for the inspiration of my blog title: "Let's get this party jumping."
Smirnoff South Africa and their PR agency, Financial Dynamics, have invited me to attend the huge 'Nightlife Exchange Project' this weekend in Cape Town! The only reason I'm going, is because I was also requested by our client to shoot the event ( Very excited! Smirnoff will take care of all the bills - which makes it a great privilege and opportunity to be in Cape Town!

I'm almost finished reading Donald Trump's book "Think Big & Kick Ass" - his books inspire me tremendously. And this one certainly doesn't disappoint. The chapter that I'm reading right now talks about the power of positive thought, and controlling your anger. The trick, according to Trump, is to channel your anger towards tasks that you need to complete. In other words, if you get angry with someone, or something, then avoid the reaction by immediately putting your mind to the task at hand. It's a discipline and takes stamina.

At the moment I'm looking for ways to alleviate my emotional stress levels. And I've discovered that comparing yourself to other people is the worst thing you could do. Instead, be inspired by others' success and learn from that, without trying to be like them.

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