Sunday, September 5, 2010

Business Conduct - in general

There is a specific (unwritten) 'code of conduct' in business which has truly inspired me - and it doesn't only apply to people that work in 'business' (strictly speaking).
'Business conduct' - for lack of a better term - is actually more about the way you interact with other people; how you run your daily life; and how organised you are (i.e. ability to plan ahead).
I'd like to make a few points:
Firstly, you need to understand how to work with people. Something as simple as greeting someone properly. Also, speaking in terms of other people's values, so that they don't feel that you are making them do something for your own benefit - but to the benefit of the 'team'/company/ group/etc
Be presentable - if you dress smartly, you immediately value yourself better.
Have a diplomatic conversation - this means, work with your colleagues and suggest solutions - this will teach your team to think in terms of solutions and not problems.
*Always see every problem as an opportunity to learn from - and guide your thoughts towards solutions - it will almost certainly ease your stress levels, since you won't fear a problem ever again!
Being organised is about planning ahead. A business woman once told me: the best advice I can give you, is to plan ahead. Planning, planning, planning!
Finally, going to gym and eating healthy is more important than what most people would believe. I cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you're overweight and feeling depressed, you simply don't want to make the effort. In most cases, people become locked in a routine and (subconsciously) refuse to make any effort in following a healthier lifestyle. It's a choice. Seriously. End of story.
If you'd only pull through, and feel the benefits of gym, healthy eating, etc you'd be happy you made the effort!
Gotta be off to another shoot for our TV show.
Have a blessed day!

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