Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Changing your gym routine is very important else your muscles won't grow. I trained shoulders, obliques and legs this morning. Of course, doing legs right at the end. On another note, I found an article on the New York Times website relating to American Congress urging health authorities to clamp down on dietary supplements that might have illegal elements in them. Apparently certain companies enhance their supplements by adding steroids such as testosterone-boosting ingredients in order to create better results, and thus, better feedback from customers. When these customers see results, they evidently come back for more! I can't be too outspoken about steroids, only that I have heard from enough people that it's fairly common in this industry. Most guys (girls?) that gym professionally, "need" it. I'm not sure whether this need is warranted, but a fair amount of guys also prefer building muscle naturally. Bottom line is that most fitness fanatics, gym enthusiasts and bodybuilders use steroids since natural muscle growth is simply too slow or not good enough for competing in high profile competitions. Nutritionists and dieticians alike don't condone the use of steroids, for obvious reasons - abnormal intake of hormones that stimulate growth in the human body is not considered healthy. At least, not in the long run. I have grown (muscle) naturally and don't plan on taking any supplements soon. I am insistent on proving to myself that building muscle naturally is more sustainable and less damaging to organs/general health, however, it leaves me trailing slightly behind. I struggle to build as quickly as other (bigger) guys, and often lack energy or training power. Although I'm not anti-steroids, since I can understand their benefit(s), I just choose not to use it.

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