Tuesday, September 1, 2009


My weakest characteristic is my impatience with life. I want things to happen right now... not a minute later! Lol! But, alas, there's no point in stressing a situation to achieve an outcome that is rushed. Although, I'm only just learning to accept this wisdom now... slowly, but surely!
It's a process of learning from mistakes & arguments. It's also about accepting that life really won't change if you try and push it. My fav quote is still the one from Yung, "what you resist, persists, what you accept, changes..." It's tough, but we have to apply it to things that go wrong as well, or negative aspects in our lives. Accepting that you can't change someone, for example, or, accepting that you didn't achieve a certain goal, or get that salary, or job, or girlfriend, or...etc, etc. Once you've accepted a situation, your stress levels will automatically subside. This is the only reason we stress, and become agitated, short-tempered, unfriendly and unpleasant people. That being said, the important lesson is to build on that. One of the best ways to increase your knowledge is to read. On any level, that is. Emotionally, financially, general knowledge, inspirationally, etc. And someone that I find great comfort in, at least on an intellectual level, is Dr John Demartini. I know that some people find motivational speakers to be bullshitting half the time, nevertheless, I think Demartini is on another level, and I enjoy his books. In any case, if something makes sense and helps, especially when he gives advice on financial matters, then, why not? One of the things that I've learnt from Demartini is to be patient - in relationships, in business, and in general, with building on your success. When the challenge is so much bigger and harder to cope with, you have to focus on your strengths and move forward, then the rewards will be great! And be patient. Know that inside your heart everything lies to only lift you up to success!
There is a new DVD out where Demartini talks about the Wisdom of the wealthiest people in the world (See pic below).
Oh! And HAPPY SPRING DAY!! It's my fav month of the year, since 10 Sep is my birthday!!
Woohooo!!! =)

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