Saturday, September 19, 2009

Time for a barbie....

Today wraps the Sanlam SA Fashion week in Johannesburg and the official "Barbie" afterparty is tonight at Melrose Arch. Looking forward to some hot ladies parading around looking every so attractive (and, hopefully, single..haha!). Hope your weekend is off to a bang but please be responsible. A cousin of mine was in a car accident last night (he is totally fine) but sadly it was yet another case of 'drinking-'n-driving' which is very uncool. Just don't drive when you gonna drink & vica versa... although some of us will constantly push the limit, not worry about the dangers of the situation, just do it one more time, until it's too late, and you will regret doing a stupid thing like that. However, just plan it properly, arrange a taxi, or ask a responsible friend to take you home, and damn man, then you can have fun till u drop... it ain't that hard to just think ahead for a change.. haha, Now, all seriousness aside, the weather here in JHB is wicked... blue skies, sunshine, no wind, just brilliant, now, where's my shades... gots to get some steaks out and have that barbecue with mates! Bring on the good times! :) Time for a barbie... and tonight party with the 'real' barbies... go figure!

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