Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Taking control

The story which caught my eye in the morning newspaper today referred to our national airline being jubilant about their profit-making success over the past year. Following news, I know that a year ago the management was fired after a R1 billion debt. They were in the red, and although government helped out, now, they're in the black. Amazing story. Not as amazing as realizing that bad management can really make the difference. And don't get me started on corruption! The point I want to make though is about pulling yourself together, and managing your life. It's a tough lesson and some of us only learn this later in life. "With a little help from my friends" might come in handy in this scenario, however, the decision still lies with you. And only you. It's fair to read, listen, take advice, learn from mistakes, but ultimately, take control, manage your life, because let's be honest, no one else cares as much about you, as yourself. People do care for you, and the closest friends and loved ones will always be a great supporting shoulder to lean on, which is important to appreciate and understand, but to find happiness inside yourself, you need to feel that you're managing your life. Hard work, dedication, planning, planning and more planning, educating yourself by reading/researching, and making hard-faced decisions about what you want out of life/not want - that will help you to actually manage your life. A good friend once told me, write down 5 things that you want to have in your life over next 2 years, then, write down 5 things you don't want in your life, over the next 2 years. Then, start getting rid of the things you DON'T want by managing the process of achieving what you DO want!
Now, get reading & writing, LOL.

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