Monday, September 14, 2009

Another week... Face your challenges!

Yo! It's that creepy Monday feeling again! Oh yeah, nothing beats the rush of a Monday morning, especially when your inbox squeezes at the seams from being overfilled! The only thing we gotta do is to look ahead, face our challenges, and move forward. In the daily grind things go wrong, and we argue with loved ones, feel unhappy, unsatisfied, unsure of our success or fate, yet when you look in the mirror you'll often find that you have plenty to be truly grateful for! As one dark cloud moves past, sunshine & blue skies will appear! Life however also shows us that the dark cloud will appear again, and we have to keep that in mind. You can't always just live for the moment, sorry mate, not realistic to be living like that! Planning and thinking ahead is what great leaders & successful business people will tell you over and over, helps to save the day. If you came second in the race, find out why, and don't remain the horse that didn't win in the race for victory! And yeah it's often easier to preach these principles than actually applying it. I force myself to save a percentage of my salary each month. Problem is that I'm spending more each month now, although I'm earning far more now than what I got when I started working 5 years ago! It kinda defeats the purpose! We see a nice car, and want it, trendy clothes, and feel like we need to wear that to fit in... the bad habit of falling for consumerism! By age 30 we wonder how it all went so quickly and we might not have all that much to show for our hard work. I am guilty as charged, and now I have to make it up before alarm bells start to ring (and regretting that you lived too fast!). Saving your money is one of the best barriers against feeling dependent. Imagine losing your job, but then having a large stash of cash saved up in the bank to cover you for at least a year? Now that's real good planning ahead! It's not necessary to be a grumpy young lad or lady, just be wiser, and trust me, most of the time you'll know exactly when you are doing a stupid thing. You just know!! That "knowing" is life telling you NOT TO!! Damn, bruva, listen to it for a change!
Gotta get back to the office work at hand, and work out new ways of 'planning' and earning success.... Grrrr, hard work, hard work, hard work!!!

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