Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sanlam SA Fashion Week

Our company got burgled this morning - *sigh* the joys of living in JHB, South Africa! Insurance will pay out, but losing data and work that you've worked on for days, that is the real loss! So, if you're reading this and worry about losing something on your computers, do a back-up now! Otherwise, be vigilant, that's really all we can do.

Tonight is the opening of Sanlam SA Fashion week here in JHB, and a mate of mine's taking part while I'll be acting as director (with camera man) to shoot for our show V-Entertainment. Apparently the after party takes place this Saturday at Taboo in Sandton, so will try be there! However, in my opinion most models are pretentious (and then I'm not even talking about designers, and so-called 'fashion experts'). But let me not slate an industry that guides us to look decent and at least get a dress sense! So, respect to all designers & models that actually work harder than what most of us realize!
It's the mid-week party so raise your glass and say 'cheers' to the good things that you have, in your life!

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