Friday, September 25, 2009

The curse of postponement...

There is evidently a curse that surrounds postponement. Let me explain. On a regular day, in the middle of the week, on my way to work (enjoying some random driving tunes in my car), slowly easing through traffic, my mind ponders off and for a few minutes I consider my life in different scenarios. (a) Being abroad (somewhere such as America); (b) Being filthy rich as a TV mogul, but alone; and (c) running my own business in the food industry living happily in Cape Town with my wife & kids. LOL. It's weird how we often wonder about how life in the future should be, but we never take any steps to get there...urgh!!! I call this the "curse" of postponement" - when, one day, you will sit on your stoep and regret not making decisions about taking your life in another direction, following your heart, and ensuring that you followed every possible step and turned every stone to look for ways of achieving your goals & dreams. Whether that be to work for a successful business, running your own company, traveling the world, or just being comfortable & living in a decent sized house (with a view) in a sought after neighborhood! Bottom line - putting off plans to do something with your life makes no sense in the long run. You'll only regret it later. Problem is, sometimes, along the way, we meet people, fall in love, and don't wanna move on. Which begs the question: In life, do we move towards people, or towards events? If you're happy being with someone, and settling in the daily run of the mill (in order to stay connected), then perhaps that could be satisfying enough to avoid running after other aspirations in life. I am twiddling my thumbs over decisions, decisions, and more decisions... grrr. Then emotions get in the way, doubt sets in, and I end up with a lack of perspective. *sigh* now it's Friday, and unfortunately, I'm not sure today whether I'm looking forward to the weekend. I'd rather get to a point where I can make clear-cut decisions, and move on. Not that easy. Perhaps over a tumbler of whiskey & ice, I will be able to!!
Have a blessed a weekend. XX.

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