Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Damn this... I won't give up!

I swear, it's not my year, even less so my week!! Urgghh... Staying positive ain't helping, I need to stay focused and realistic. I am pushing harder at gym, so that's a good thing, but career wise things build-up to a potentially good moment, then it just falls flat. Overnight success, as some people might strike it, certainly comes and goes. I want to believe that I have substance when I achieve the success that keeps avoiding me. I want to be confidant in what I can do, my skills, my real-world abilities, my character strengths... and perhaps, along the way, I will find out that certain things I hoped for, is actually not meant for me, and not really my strong point. I do believe in following your dreams, but alas (for example), if you can't sing, why bother following a dream of a superstar-singing sensation? The balance of knowing what you are capable of, and then pushing that to the ultimate limit, surely, will mean immense amounts of success!
Hope your second day of spring treated you well! I'm off to studio to prep our show for tonight (V-entertainment, 19h00 CAT on Vuzu, channel 123).

PS:My pic above is from gym today - working hard on arms (and shoulders)!!

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