Sunday, September 20, 2009

Chin up...

Yep, it's the Monday morning blues, reality in the face, knuckles in the dust, throat dry and lips cracked-feeling again...haha, not to worry, got a lot to be grateful for! It's just when you feel so strong about something, or someone, emotions seem to spoil everything and creates a distorted imbalance. When in fact, things are perfectly fine, and actually great, we blur our judgement due to the struggles of dealing with our emotions. The mere fact that we have this emotional imbalance is evidence of how strong we feel about something/someone! And, making matters worse, it's often hard to convince people that your 'emotional issues' are actually there because you feel so strong. Bottom line however is that you gotta deal with your emotions first, before expecting the other party to vouch for the fact that you actually care, underneath all the drama. All relationships have arguments, and I honestly believe those that have the most, are just the ones that get blinded by emotional imbalance, when actually those 2 people will find an immense amount of love for each other. We learn, but don't always heed the signs - and there are basic relationship laws- the basics of true love
- accepting the other person for who they are; understanding that you can never change someone; that both should believe in trust & loyalty towards each other; not putting someone on a pedestal, or on the ground, but in the middle where they are human, and not below or above you, so as not to be obsessed or hate. That is where true love lies. It can be so strong that it beats all odds against any failure, that it lifts you up and make you believe in achieving everything you've ever dreamt of. We try too hard to change people - to make them do the things that WE prefer; instead of appreciating (and accepting!) each other's DIFFERENCES. Once you succeed in that, you'll find that the other party will actually accept you as well, AND you will experience honest, real love!
Have a blessed day!

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