Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pump up those arms!

It's not easy to catch up on the 'backlog' of muscle-building when you've neglected parts of your body during previous years of training. I didn't train my arms properly and mostly focused on other areas such as chest & abs - hence my renewed motivation to train my biceps/triceps extra hard. The same goes for my shoulders. I am dedicated and motivated to get my body into a balanced shape. This would entail muscles being proportioned to body form and balanced at top & bottom. I am blessed with good calves, but upper legs need attention too. The first step of fitness & muscle training is to recognize which areas need attention, and then sourcing a training programme that would assist in building those muscles. Of course, changing your programme once a month is always a good idea! Keep cardio to a minimum if you'd like to build muscle, but a good cardio-session once a week is necessary for general fitness. On that note, gotta dash off (lol) and get back to making TV ...

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