Thursday, October 8, 2009

You're a personal trainer? Yeah, right...

So this morning at gym I noticed a number of new personal trainers. Skinny, short, shy guys that barely manage to spot someone lifting a 100kg on a bench press. I have a lot of respect for personal trainers and consider it a real job, not something random. However, seriously, if you're doing a job like that, at least fit the profile. I also see trainers that take a seat, next to their teeth-clenching, fist-wrenching, sweating at the balls-clients, doing a dumbbell exercise completely wrong, i.e. - dancing like a swing ball trying to lift the damn weights! No man, honestly, get outta there and sell pizzas at Scooters! That said, personal trainers should be approachable, friendly guys that are always keen to help, regardless of whether it's a client or not. This way you promote your business. Respect.
Anyway, on another note, seems like eating right, training hard and being disciplined do help, in the long run. Pics from gym are seen here - have a peaceful happy Thursday!!! XX

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