Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"This is it!"

Yo! Writing from a crazy-busy production office where things are getting heated due to us pre-recording for December (so that a holiday is in order - probably from 18th Dec already) Yippy!! I realize several friends of mine are not Michael Jackson fans, however, in my opinion he was a musical genius and I am very excited for the worldwide release of the much anticipated docu-movie-musical feature called "This is it." Which will basically showcase the rehearsals and behind the scenes preparations for his concert tour which was supposed to kick off in London in June this year. The premiere happens at the same time in many locations across the world, and in South Africa it will be tomorrow morning at 3AM. Wow. Early morning for me, since our TV crew will also be filming the event for the TV show we produce. I am still very much excited. And I will report back. It's always tragic when talented people die (young) and even more so if it happens suddenly. We can't control emotions of other people, but we can give love & support. Somehow, sometimes, it seems hard to let go of a loved one. Whether it's due to death, or relationships breaking apart. The hardest part is letting go of someone that you thought you couldn't live without. But perhaps that's where the problem lies. We become too obsessively close to someone and then our emotions wreak havoc when we have to let go. I do believe that true love never goes away, sometimes it just gets blurred because we forget how much someone means to us. Let's appreciate the ones we have, the ones that are alive, the ones that really care, no matter what.

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