Friday, October 9, 2009

True friendship starts in your own heart

Listening to my iTunes and going through the memories of songs that take me back to moments in my life that were fun, sad, crazy & special times, with very special people. I've always said that music is the soundtrack of life. Love songs, party songs, rock songs, drunk-student songs, and so on. There are songs that remind me of meeting a very special person in my life. And songs that bring back memories of friends that are no longer with us. Which leads me to the question I was pondering today: are all friends in life merely passing ships? And what about being in love with someone? I once asked my mentor (a very dear lady who is also my nutritionist), about not being happy in a friendship, and she told me the following: "Good advice for happiness - Expect nothing from friends. Human nature is fickle. Be the best friend you can be, you are the only one you can control & trust. Your friend is a passing ship. Enjoy while he/she is in harbour and let go when he/she sails. You cannot possess or hold onto anyone. Expect the best from yourself and accept your friends as they are." Wise words, but hard to swallow. I find it hard to let go of something good, but sometimes it's nature's way of pushing you in a different direction. It's like learning new skills and expanding your intellect so as to become attracted to new things in life. Life is an ever-changing/growing experience. People grow out of friendships, and, perhaps, also out of love. Or do we? Inside my heart I believe that we can keep friends, and stay in love. For your entire lifetime. But it only happens to those that have mastered the 'tricks' of life/relationships. And most important is to grow with people, not out of them. But, unfortunately, we can't control this. We simply need to accept people for who they are, and let go of those things we don't like. Love the things that make other people happy for them, and you will find satisfaction & happiness in your own love. On a last note: give something to someone, the gift of giving will make you smile inside. For real. XXX


  1. Very insightful... I want to remember her advice! (00,)

  2. Thanks for this wise words... you are not like the major models and the people of your age at least not from my country consciousness is in you!!! i believe friendship love and words like this grows in our hearts the touches are mind and makes us conscious about the sense of life...