Thursday, October 29, 2009

Holding on ...

It's rainy day in JHB and although it cools the air it makes me feel sombre. I attended the South African premiere of the Michael Jackson movie/documentary "This is it" on Wed morning. It is a magical piece of film and I would certainly recommend you to watch it. Watching the sheer brilliance of a musical genius in the environment that was closest to his heart - the stage - makes one feel special. What made it even more amazing is the fact that it was of course to be the final rehearsals of his life. I read somewhere that the rehearsals were filmed at his request, and looking back at it, I can't help but wonder if he did not secretly think his death was close by. Weird, and sad, but something to think about. His performance, his energy, and his attention to every little detail in the production of the show shows the great master he was. Of course, fans would appreciate it more since the film features a lot of full-length songs from his repertoire. On that note I have to confess in saying that I often hold onto things, and people, for unnecessary long periods of time. Putting myself second, blaming myself for being a terrible person when I make other people unhappy. Yet, beating myself down just makes life feel worthless. I am a very loving person and often people walk all over that. In my nature I enjoy helping people, and giving. However, sometimes one ends up giving too much of yourself. Which is not fair on yourself. It's also not fair expecting anything in return when you give. Rather, do it for the love in your own heart. But don't lose sight of what your goals & ambitions are, and be true to yourself. Much love.
(Pic from MJ's This is It - movie & CD release out this week in SA).

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