Sunday, November 29, 2009

Paving your own road

*Sigh* here I was strolling into the office with a really positive vibe, only to find the 'wonderful' Monday troubles laid down on my desk like a chicken that decided to take a dump right there! Urgh. Now, a few notes today.

In my attempt to keep the positive vibe I'd like to write about Justin Bonello. This guy successfully financed & produced his own TV show, pitched it to the BBC in London and now runs his own production company in Cape Town, as well as producing & presenting a very successful cooking show that has been broadcast in several countries not just the UK. Taking the risk, not knowing whether the money he spent will pay-off, and whether the BBC will buy the show from him.

Furthermore, I am reading Tim Ferriss' book "The 4-hour work week" which is hopefully going to persuade me to do whatever it takes to join the 'New Rich' - which is a term he uses to describe people that break away from the daily grind and do what they love mostly, but also earn good cash.

Then, on Wed & Thur my favourite speaker, Dr John Demartini will be in town (Jhb) for 2 talks - turning stress to success, and, business in 2010. He is one of the world's greatest speakers and writers, I would recommend his books to everyone.

Finally, I had a satisfying photoshoot on Sunday morning, this time focusing more on fashion as opposed to fitness. It went well. As soon as I have samples I will post here.

Hope that you have a better day. If not, go out and buy the book "From Stress to Success" by Dr John F Demartini.
About Justin Bonello's company & show:

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