Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Year's Resolutions - start now!!!

"Ayoba!!" Hahaha, that is a new word used in South Africa for approving of something that's very cool! On the other hand, if it's just not happening or right, then it's "not ayoba!" For example, working out at gym and making loud 'sigh' noises when you push the weights, is NOT Ayoba!
2010 is upon us and it will be a hUge year for all South Africans, mostly soccer/football fans since the World Cup will kick off in June 2010. I can't wait! And, even more reason to get those pages filled up in the year planner. By 25 December everyone starts talking about what they'd like their New Year's resolutions to be. By 2 January there's already a new list. And later in the year half of those things are forgotten. I reckon start jotting down some ideas today. What you need to do to achieve your goals, and a plan of action. Not just talking about your "dreams" for the future. That is pointless. Getting into gear for 2010 means knowing what your plans are, and how to execute them. Having a plan, is most certainly, AYOBA!!! Have a blessed weekend and return safely back on Monday!! XX
(PS: Pics attached from gym this morning - once again, keeping fit and healthy, as opposed to building right now. Bulking is the next phase. Now, just need the extra hour in the day for a harder push!)

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